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Halo Smart Laboratory Air Filtration System

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Healthier, cleaner air in your laboratory

Halo Smart is a ceiling mounted laboratory grade air filtration system working to purify the air from fugitive emissions present in the lab, while also providing real-time communication with the lab manager and users, of the air pollution levels and 24/7 data. The Halo is designed to effectively clean 250sq.’ of space so there is no need for any HVAC additions or upgrades as each Halo is an independent system, taking polluted laboratory air, capturing the molecules and circulating clean purified air back into the laboratory. Each Halo comes with Erlab’s state-of-the-art filters either for VOC capture or for capture of a broad range of chemicals from solvents (organic and in-organic), acids and bases.

In addition to purifiying the lab air, the Halo is also effective in the reduction of the air exchange rates per hour (ACH) needed to reduce possible concentration of pollutants.

On the job 24/7

Halo is continuously pulling the dirty air in the lab through the filter, adsorbing the molecules that cause noxious odors, and returning clean air back to the room through low-disruptive side vents. The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine, a unique and powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of airborne fumes and odors, which left untreated, could represent a potential health hazard.

Simple to install

Halo is easily installed in the ceiling - no need to connect to your HVAC. Multiple units can be installed to increase the coverage area.

Smart technology

A soft band of light assures the occupants of the lab that the air is clean. When the LED lights slowly pulse, Halo is letting you know that it is sensing and capturing fugitive emissions. You can easily check the status, change the setting, or check for routine maintenance via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Healthier air with considerable savings
  • Simple to install and use - no need to connect to your HVAC
  • Easy access panel for quick filter changes
  • BACnet capable
  • Network the units to monitor remotely
  • Benefit from the exclusive Erlab warranties
CFM 220 m3/h
Operating Modes 24/24h, Day/Night, Alert
Ventilation control The Smart light technology pulses to indicate the status of the ventilation
Pre filtration particulate prefilter 
User Interface Smart-Light provides simple communication by LED pulsation system 
e-Guard app Download for remote control and monitoring
Ports 1 x Ethernet Port
Installation Hung via 4 eye bolts (included) or Threaded Rod (not included)
Weight 68 lbs - 31 kg (including filter)
Voltage / Frequency 80-240V 50/60Hz
Energy consumption 50 W

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Halo Smart Laboratory Air Filtration System - Chemplus, 80-240V/50-60Hz

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Halo Smart Laboratory Air Filtration System - VOC, 80-240V/50-60Hz

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VOC Filter for Volatile Organic Compunds

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Chemplus Filter for Solvents & Acids

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