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United Scientific™ Protozoa & Algae Slide Set of 20

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Glass prepared microscope slides, supplied in a plastic  case. A collection of slides specific to the study of protozoa and algae. Set of 20.
1.    Amoeba, E
2.    Mixed foraminifera
3.    Mixed radiolaria
4.    Euglena, E
5.    Trypanosoma in blood smear
6.    Plasmodium sp. (Malaria) in human blood
7.    Paramecium, E
8.    Paramecium showing conjugation,
9.    Vorticella, E
10.    Chlamydomonas, E
11.    Pandorina, E
12.    Volvox, with daughter colonies, E
13.    Nostoc, filaments with heterocysts, E
14.    Cladophora, E
15.    Chlorella, E
16.    Spirogyra, vegetative filaments, E
17.    Spirogyra, conjugation, E
18.    Desmids, mixed species, E
19.    Diatoms, mixed species, E
20.    Paramecium fission

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United Scientific™ Protozoa & Algae Slide Set of 20
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