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  • Image of Inoculation Loops / Needles

    Greiner Bio-One

    Flexible loops for easier collection and inoculation Sterilised by irradiation

  • Image of Disposable Spreaders

    MTC Bio

    The MTC Bio line of bacteriological spreaders has been expanded to include four different shapes and sizes. In addition to the original L-shape, a similar T-shape version and two triangle shapes (large and small) are now available. All versions are supplied in sterile packaging, but are also...

  • Image of Lazy-L-Spreaders™ Microbiological Spreaders

    Excel Scientific

    Lazy-L-SpreadersTM disposable microbiological spreaders provide an economical alternative to bending glass rods or pipets for spreading samples on agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. They are supplied sterile -- no need to flame sterilize or autoclave. unlike glass spreaders, durable...

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