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GNOME™ DNA Isolation Kit

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Product Overview
The GNOME™ kit utilizes RNase Mixx to eliminate RNA immediately after lysis, and Protease Mixx to rapidly degrade cellular proteins. This is followed by a proprietary “salting-out” technique which precludes the need for phenol, chloroform, or other organic extractions. The DNA can either be spooled, removed with forceps, or centrifuged and dissolved in TE.

Product Description
The GNOME™ DNA Isolation kit is used to quickly and efficiently isolate high molecular weight genomic DNA from cells and tissues of any type, including bacteria, yeast, plant, and animal cells. Each preparation with the GNOME™ kit yields up to 100 µg of genomic DNA. The DNA isolated by the GNOME¨ procedure is suitable for restriction enzyme digestion or PCR amplification in as little as 1 hour after cell lysis.

Recommended Use
The yield of genomic DNA and the speed of the protocol are greatly enhanced through the use of the FastPrep™ System

Key Applications:Isolation of high molecular weight DNA from a variety of sources
Application Areas:Nucleic Acid Isolation & Purification; Sample Lysis & Preparation
Product Type:Kits & Assays
Components:Cell Lysis/Denaturing solution, RNase Mixx. Protease Mixx, Salt out Mixture, Cell Suspension solution.
pH:Cell Lysis/Denaturing Solution: pH range= 6.2-6.9; Salt-out Mixture: pH range= 6.0-6.8; Cell Suspension Solution: pH range= 8.0-8.2
Storage & Handling:All GNOME™ DNA Isolation Kits are shipped at ambient temperatures. Store all reagents at room temperature (15-30 °C).

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