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Phenix Research Products recognizes the importance of consistent, high-quality products for cell culture, some of the most critical product groups in a modern research laboratory. For this reason, we carry several brands of cell culture consumables from industry-leading suppliers like Corning Inc. and Greiner Bio-One™ to suit the needs of a variety of applications.


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    Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing; these polystyrene pipettes are sterile, pyrogen free and utilize a unique filter plug to prevent overfilling. The filter plug eliminates lint fibers and ensures plug stays in place.  The sharp, black, highly legible permanent graduations prevent...

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    Argos brand mini disposable pipettes were developed for tissue culture applications or for use in confined spaces such as laminar hoods. These mini pipettes measure 9” and fit most serological pipettors. Smaller size reduces distance between sample and pipettor aiding in more ergonomic...

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    Phenix Research Products
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    High clarity polystyrene Used in tissue culture and bacterial culture experiments One-piece construction, individually wrapped Edged color-coded band for identification Negative graduations for extra volume Sterilized by gamma irradiation, non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, non-heamolytic DNase/RNase...

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    Evergreen Scientific
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    Tissue-culture treated plates provide uniform and compatible surfaces for animal cell attachment and growth. Each well has a raised rim to minimize cross-contamination. Extra distinct alpha-numeric designations identify each well for quick sample location. One-way fitting lids reduce excess...

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