Avantor - A Fresh New Look

From breakthrough discovery to agile delivery of innovative products and services around the world, we’ve recently unveiled a fresh new look for our company.

The fluid curve of our new logo symbolizes the agility of a company that is always ready to adapt to customer needs. It is the infinite path of scientific discovery, signifying the momentum that propels us forward into the future.

Each day, Avantor’s global team works to provide a unique level of convenience, collaboration and customization in the products, services and solutions we provide to help you achieve your goals in scientific discovery.

You’ll soon see our new brand reflected across our marketing materials, product labels and more for Avantor J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brands available to purchase from Thomas Scientific.

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There are many types of wipes, and many different materials used among countless applications. Teknipure has introduced non-woven microfiber wipes which are cellulose free! These wipes are a blend of polyester and nylon, with a proprietary fiber splitting process, resulting in maximum surface area and best pick up with no fiber loss.

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Brooks Life Sciences - Maintaining Optimal Sample Quality During Transportation

Cryogenic samples such as eukaryotic cell-based therapeutics require storage at temperatures below the threshold for the glass transition phase of water (Tg-H2O, approximately -135°C). Storage under those conditions avoids biological activity and minimizes loss of post-thaw cell viability.

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