Phenix Finds Great Potential in 2D Tubes

Phenix Research Products - a Thomas Scientific, LLC Company

2D tube technology has become prominent in recent years because of the security it provides to valuable samples. Many labs have adopted this technology to alleviate concerns regarding chain of custody and sample integrity. 2D technology is attractive to labs storing large volumes of samples because it the tube’s format can effectively double the storage space in a customer’s freezer. Additionally, 2D tube technology give labs the ability to easily integrate automation like capping/decapping into already existing workflows.


Background of Phenix

Phenix Research Products expertise in PCR dates back to the 1990s. From the advent of qPCR, Phenix has been consulting customers on how to get the best results from their PCR and qPCR reactions. Phenix Research Products takes a consultative approach, looking at the whole workflow for end-point and real-time PCR.

By doing so, Phenix successfully assists customers in finding high-quality PCR solutions that boosts efficiency and cuts costs. Phenix's experience in this workflow brings to light just how PCR is being used in many different environments. Phenix works consistently with labs doing forensic, paternity and hereditary testing and, additionally, are serving customers in agricultural genomics and fermentation.

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