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Promotion expires December 31, 2018

Phoenix Ultrapure System

Thomas No. 1157G00

The Phoenix Type I water system delivers 18.2 Meg-ohm quality for the most stringent applications. Designed with user friendly interface and quick change out consumables, a variety of configurations are available that include UV, UF, remote dispensing, and direct feed access ports.

  • 2.5 lpm flowrate
  • Programmable Dispensing
  • Standard leak detection system included
  • Consumable life span display

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ARIES High Purity Water System

Thomas No. 1157F72

The Aries Lab water system provides Type I water quality using key components like recirculation, deionization, resistivity monitoring, and submicron filtration. With (3) large, high capacity cartridges, the Aries provides an economic solution for multiple needs in the laboratory.

  • 2.0 lpm flowrate
  • Simple operation
  • Multiple accessories offered
  • Low Cost Consumables

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Lab Water Pretreatment RO System

Thomas No. 1157F79

The HPL-RO system uses feed water pressure to purify the water through a reverse osmosis membrane. The 4-stage filtration process reduces dissolved salts and organics from the water. The permeate water is conveniently stored in storage tank while the concentrated salts are sent to drain.

The HPL-RO system is a perfect addition to any lab water system and can increase the DI cartridge capacity by 10 times. For low Total Organic Carbon (TOC) applications, reverse osmosis can significantly reduce levels to allow the polishing system to remove the final trace amounts.

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