Liquid Handling

We carry pipet tips for nearly every type of pipettor, including manual, electronic and multichannel! We stock most styles of specialty tips include gel loading, low volume, large volume, Eco-Stack refills and tips for most lab robots. All styles of multichannel reservoirs and automation reservoirs are also stocked. PHENIX also carries most manufacturers of manual, electronic and ergonomic pipettors.


PHENIX is a broad-based supplier of liquid handling products with deep connections to the vendor base in this category, including Corning/Axygen, Sorensen, Eppendorf, SSI and other companies. We have the brands that you trust as well as our competitively priced house brand. 

Comfortable and effective pipettors are essential to lab work and PHENIX has manual, electronic and ergonomic systems for just about any need. We also carry small scale robotic systems for automating pipetting tasks for 8, 12 or 96 wells at once. Finally, because of our longstanding connection to the automation market, PHENIX carries tips for nearly all manufacturers of laboratory robots. We even have robots in our in-house lab for testing new tip products and troubleshooting issues that our customers have.

PHENIX also has a broad selection of accessories such as multichannel reagent reservoirs as well as most styles of single use pipettors including transfer, serological and Pasteur pipettors. We also have a low-cost line of products for educational applications. Let us know what your automation needs are and we will not only find the correct solution, but we will get your products to you in a timely fashion.



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