2D Tube Technology

We offer the widest and most comprehensive range of 2D tubes and instruments available. We're proud to be the exclusive US distributor for LVL Technologies, an innovative European tube manufacturer as well as other specialty suppliers. We have 2D tube solutions ranging from 200 µL to 10 mL along with a full range of instruments for the 2D workflow including scanners, decappers, labelers and tube pickers. Let us know what your 2D tube needs are and we will not only find the correct solution, but we will get your products to you in a timely fashion.


For nearly 5 years, PHENIX Research was the exclusive distributor for FluidX 2D tubes and their instruments for the 2D workflow. During this period, our staff developed a deep knowledge and understanding of this important group of products. While our exclusive relationship with FluidX/Brooks terminated last year, our commitment to this important market segment remains stronger than ever.

Today, PHENIX is proud to be the exclusive dealer for LVL 2D tubes and systems. LVL provides quality German engineering and European manufacturing of a full range of 2D products. In addition, PHENIX carries other manufacturers of specialty 2D products to complete our line. Our tube line ranges from 200ul to 10ml and many of our products feature a 2D code on the bottom of the tube and a human readable/1D code on the side of the tube.

PHENIX also carries a full line of instruments for this workflow including capper/decappers, a full range of scanners, mat attachment instruments, automated labeling systems and tube pickers for automating tube retrieval. Our new PHENIX 96 decapper is the first semi-universal system that will cap and uncap almost all major manufacturers’ tubes. Coming soon is a new version of this device that has interchangeable heads for fast switch from 96-48-24 well formats. PHENIX is also proud to carry the Hamilton 12 way decapper for customers that don’t need a full plate decapper. Our cappers, labelers, pickers and scanners are compatible with robotic arms that we sell to automate the appropriate workflow. In addition, all of our devices are integration compliant and can easily be connected to your favorite robotics system and controlled by integration software.



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