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TekniClean Sealed Edge Polyester Knit Wipers

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Tekniclean polyester knit wipes are made with a hi strength continuous filament polyester yarn in a double knit, no run interlock pattern. Knitting, pre-washing, cutting, sealing, washing and packaging are all done in house for optimum control & cleanliness. A proprietary process using pressure & heat is used to create an ultrasonic seal for fiber and particle retention. Superior to laser sealing as it results in a softer edge, and lower carbon levels. The wipe is ultra clean and highly sorbent making it ideal for wiping critical surfaces. All Tekniclean wipes utilize Statistical Process Control
in manufacturing and are lot traceable from raw material to finished product. Class 10 Laundered & Packaged.

Composition & Attributes

  • 100% Hi Strength Polyester fiber (continuous filament, double knit)
  • Ultra Low particle and fiber generation
  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edges for fiber & particle retention
  • Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination
  • Solvent safe double bag cleanroom packaging
  • Resists abrasion when used with rough surfaces
  • Works well with IPA and other cleaning solvents


  • Ideal for wiping critical surfaces to achieve ultra cleanliness
  • Works well for environmental & process surface cleaning
  • Soft texture for scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Pure substrate & soft sealed edges minimize fiber release
  • Available pre-wetted with ulta pure IPA / DIW for best performance
  • Excellent as clean barrier for wrapping critical components
  • Compatible with ISO Class 3-5 (Class 10-100) environments
AttributeUnitValueTest Method
Basis Weightg/m2140GB/T 4669-2008
Thicknessmm0.49GB/T 3820-1997

Sorptive capacityml/m2>400IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Sorptive rates1IEST-RP-CC 004.3

Sodiumppm<0.02IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Potassiumppm<0.01IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Chlorideppm<0.02IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Calciumppm<0.02IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Magnesiumppm<0.02IEST-RP-CC 004.3

Particle & Fibers
>0.5 micron (LPC)(x106/m2)<5.0IEST-RP-CC 004.3
Fibers > 100micron(/m2)<1.0IEST-RP-CC 004.3

Non-Volatile Residue
IPA extractantg/m2<0.04IEST-RP-CC 004.3
DIW extractantg/m2<0.01IEST-RP-CC 004.3

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Polyester Knit Wiper (Black) for inspections ISO 4+ cleanrooms, 9"x 9" packed 150 Ea/Bag, 10 Bags/Case with Laser Cut Edges
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