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  • Mineralight Display UV Lamps

    …metal design with powder paint finish Longwave, shortwave, combination longwave/shortwave and midrange models Lamps use two 25 watt tubes for 50 total watts. Lamps can be handheld or secured to the ceiling or wall with included mounting brackets. Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.5” x…
  • X-Series UV Bench and Display Lamps, Germicidal

    …single or double UV tubes. A corrosion-resistant aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance while all short and medium wave models feature our unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass to ensure high initial UV intensity. These versatile lamps are also a key component of our CL-151 UV fluorescence…
  • EL Series UV Lamps

    Manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing and scratch resistant powder paint. Select from a large range of lamps with single or multiple wavelengths and watts.
  • Handheld UV Lamp

    Crystal Technologies
    The BioGlow® series of Handheld UV Lamps provides UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm. The AA series of UV lamps represent a technical innovation in the evolutionary process of UV lamps, with a unique built-in position device which automatically…
  • PCR/HEPA UV Chamber

    … The PCR (UV) Chamber is designed to help improve the accuracy of PCR and general tissue culture procedures. The chamber is a still air enclosure containing both fluorescent and UV gemicidal lamps. The UV system is rated at 254 nm and will decontaminate all interior surfaces. The lamp should be…
  • Hand-Held Ultraviolet Lamps

    Multiband lamps incorporate both long and short wave UV tubes Medium-intensity, utilizing a 6-watt mercury vapor tube, 229 mm long, with reflector Filter in two sections, in easily removable frame Mid-range lamp used for fluorescing DNA bands in gel electrophoresis studies Dense filters block…
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Kits

    Ultraviolet Lamp Kit, for Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinets and PuriCare Procedure Stations Includes 254 nm UV lamp, installation instructions and a ballast Available for all 100 V, 115 V 60 Hz and 230 V models
  • Bench Stand And Replacement Tube For UVP Lamps

    …takes lamps 6283F10, 6286K10 and 6286M10 Aluminum, with bracket which holds lamp, face down, 178 mm above the 102 x 178 mm base Approximate area of effective radiation at table level is 305 x 229 mm with single-tube lamps; 457 x 305 mm with two-tube lamp 6283F50 Ultraviolet Lamp Tube 4…
  • Longwave UV Lamps

    The Blak-Ray B-100 Series high powered UV lamps offer brilliant irradiance for optimum fluorescence. Main Features The B-100 Series lamps are available in a variety of styles: The non "P" models are built with an aluminum lamp head. A 100 watt spot bulb is standard with…
  • R-52 Grid Lamps

    …R-52 Mineralight Lamp's use a grid design which is a highly uniform 254nm UV source of high-intensity. Main Features Lamp features a high intensity 254nm UV grid UVP's special UVG shortwave filter reduces solarization, prolonging the filter life Lamp mounts securely in…
  • E-Series Corded Hand-Held UV Lamps, Dual Wavelength, Long/Short Wave

    UV transmission and maximum resistance to solarization. These lamps are available in choices of integrally filtered LW tubes (BLB) or unfiltered UV tubes with or without separate filter assemblies. Lamps with unfiltered tubes produce higher UV intensity while double-tube units provide broader UV
  • Handheld UV Lamp, Sw & Lw, 6W 115

    Lightweight, handheld UV lamp (6 watts) Durable plastic housing, with an ergonomically designed handle Multi-band split tube lamp (254nm Shortwave/365nm Longwave UV source) Applications include: DNA Analysis, E-Coli Testing, Sterilization, Mercury Detectors, Nucleic Acid Visualization …

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