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  • Hand-Held Ultraviolet Lamps

    Multiband lamps incorporate both long and short wave UV tubes Medium-intensity, utilizing a 6-watt mercury vapor tube, 229 mm long, with reflector Filter in two sections, in easily removable frame Mid-range lamp used for fluorescing DNA bands in gel electrophoresis studies Dense filters block…
  • 8 Watt Ultraviolet Lamps

    Model 6282T55 has two tubes and two wavelengths Models 6282T58, T61 and T64 include two tubes, both the same wavelength 230 V models available
  • Handheld UV Lamp

    Crystal Technologies
    The BioGlow® series of Handheld UV Lamps provides UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm. The AA series of UV lamps represent a technical innovation in the evolutionary process of UV lamps, with a unique built-in position device which automatically…
  • Handheld UV Lamp, Sw & Lw, 6W 115

    Lightweight, handheld UV lamp (6 watts) Durable plastic housing, with an ergonomically designed handle Multi-band split tube lamp (254nm Shortwave/365nm Longwave UV source) Applications include: DNA Analysis, E-Coli Testing, Sterilization, Mercury Detectors, Nucleic Acid Visualization Intensity…
  • Chromato-Vue, Model C-10

    …is designed to be used with specific UVP lamp models, which fit snugly on top of the cabinet Mini viewing cabinets are constructed with a metal base and plastic top The bottom panel of the cabinet is removable A contrast control filter absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes Soft rubber viewport…
  • Mineralight Display UV Lamps

    …Sturdy metal design with powder paint finish Longwave, shortwave, combination longwave/shortwave and midrange models Lamps use two 25 watt tubes for 50 total watts. Lamps can be handheld or secured to the ceiling or wall with included mounting brackets. Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.5” x 4.5”…
  • High Powered UV Lamp, Sw Grid 230

    Lamp features a high intensity 254nm UV grid UVP's special UVG shortwave filter reduces solarization, prolonging the filter life Lamp mounts securely in its transformer base or is removable for movement around your work area Lamp manufactured with rugged, scratch resistant plastic A snap…
  • Mineralight R-52G High Intensity Short Wave UV Lamp

    Ozone-free grid lamp for mineral display, sterilization and photochemistry Mounted on its transformer or handheld, this high intensity short wave (254 nm) lamp delivers 1250 ?W/cm 2 with the filter on Easily converts from fluorescent analysis procedures to germicidal sterilizing applications…
  • Ultraviolet Hand Lamp 2 Bulbs

    …-Series UV Hand Lamps are the most powerful units available of their type. A full range of 29 models offers various combinations of UV wavelength, intensity, size and wattage. Units are compact and lightweight. Lamps feature a silver-anodized aluminum housing. Lamps can also be used with lamp stand…
  • Blak-Ray Portable Ultraviolet Lamp, Long Wave

    …reflector Lamp is equipped with built-in flashlight bulb for visible illumination and is mounted vertically on front of housing, of impact resistant plastic with reinforced handle Total weight 2 kg when equipped with batteries Three-position on/off starter which selects flashlight on UV lamp Overall…
  • UVGL-25 Multi-Wavelength UV Lamp

    …benchtop work in the laboratory, demonstrations in the classroom, industrial inspection or use by the hobbyist Dual short and long wave UV, this 4 W lamp weighs only 0.5 kg A width of barely 3” permits easy handling with on/off buttons easily within reach of the fingers Includes 6286M20…
  • Pen-Ray Short Wave UV Lamp

    …light shield and power supply not included. Model 6286C20 Power Supply provides correct voltage and current to lamp. Features on-off switch, 0.9-m cord with receptacle for attaching lamp and a 3-wire power cord and plug for 120 volts, 60 Hz; 35 watts. Housing dimensions: 140 x 57 x 76 mm high.
  • Accessories for the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis
    …requires 8420Q35 adapter. 8420R50 tube is 1" x 6"; minimum working capacity 8 mL ; i.d. 22.35 mm, requires 8420Q35 adapter. Tungsten Lamps 8420R75 tungsten lamp is rated 6.5 volt, 2.75 ampere, mounted on a prefocused base plate. Without terminal wires, is supplied with Spectronic 20 standard and…
  • High Intensity UV Inspection Lamps, Model B-100ap

    Lamps are good for inspection applications as the longwave UV radiation fluoresces extremely fine particles and surface defects normally invisible to the human eye. Pistol-grip handle is designed to reduce operator fatigue. Lamp handle rests in the ballast base for hands-free operation. When lamp is…
  • Blak-Ray UV Spotlight

    …mm long, with plastic handle, mounted on stable transformer base 159 x 127 x 235 mm Lamp turns in mount to direct beam at any angle Base has carrying handle, rubber feet and on-off switch; connected to the lamp housing by a 2.4 m secondary cord Overall dimensions 394 x 349 x 133 mm; weight 5.3 kg…
  • Mineralight, Model UVG-11

    Intensity: 1120 microwatts per sq. cm of 253.7 nm radiation at a distance of 152 mm, with filter in place Uses 4 watt, mercury vapor tube (6286M30), 149 mm long, with reflector 6286M20 Filter, 75 x 50 mm, transmits at 263.7 nm Impact-resistant, plastic housing, 194 x 73 x 51 mm,…

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