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  • Scienceware® Pinchcock Tubing Clamp

    Bel-Art Products
    …pressure 2848W26 Mini Clamp is single position on-off clamp; for use with thin-wall tubing less than 3/16” o.d. 2848W30 Clamp is 15-position ratchet- type for one-hand, stepwise flow control or shutoff; for use with tubing from 1/8” to 7/16” o.d. 2848W34 Clamp is 12-position ratchet- type…
  • Labjaws Flow Control Devices

    Regular Hosecock Convex clamping surface gives greater clamping power with less pressure. Oversized screw head for accurate adjustment of fluid flow. Tubing retainer screw eliminates tubing slippage from clamp. Built-in side lugs for foot mounting. For bench or table mounting 2824B56 regular hosecock…
  • Hose/Tubing Clamp Assortment Kit

    Can be gas or chemically sterilized 65 total pieces in 13 sizes One-piece, reusable clamp squeezes shut for a leakproof seal. Made of chemical/corrosion-resistant, rustproof nylon. Diameters range from 0.246 to 1.610 inches. Temperature range is 32 to 194°F/0 to 90°C.
  • Scienceware® Screw-Clamp Compressor and Swing Jaw™ Tubing Clamps

    Bel-Art Products
    tubing Accepts tubing up to 6.4mm (1/4") O.D. Angled jaws prevent tube from slipping out Swing Jaw™ Tubing Clamps For all fixed tubing Zinc-plated steel clamp provides non-slip closure for flexible tubes Knurled nut compresses against a swinging jaw with smooth clamping
  • Pinch Clamps

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    All-plastic clamp will not rust, corrode or deform Molded in one piece to eliminate sharp edges Autoclavable Allows precise, one hand regulation of fluid flow, from completely open, to restricted flow, to completely closed. Ideal for use with Nalgene laboratory tubing.
  • Stainless Test Tube Clamps

    Sci Labs USA
    Made of heavy spring, nickeled, brass wire Easy to carry and pour Stoddard-style clamps Self-closing, rectangular jaw
  • Nickel-Plated Clamps

    Open jaw for controlling flow in flexible tubing by means of machined adjustment screw; maximum o.d. of tubing, 3/4 inch.
  • Clamps

    …control. The clamp design features easy tube insertion for both manual and automatic operations. Molded of polypropylene suitable for ETO sterilization and is stocked in white. (Other colors available on special order). ?Accepts approximately 1/4" to 1/2" OD tubing. ? Mini Dura-Clamp - Polypropylene…
  • Digital Microdispenser Accessories

    …takes 2 mm bore tubing for connection to suitable reservoir Valve diaphragm is ethylene polypropylene rubber Kit includes 7691L60 Pall Valve; stainless steel inlet sinker; 760 mm length of 3/32” bore vinyl tubing; Luer pipet tip; one tubing clamp; seven polypropylene tubing connectors; and…
  • Extension Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies
    3 pronged extension clamp is 10" long and has rubber tubing covering the prongs Extention Clamp with cork covered jaws, 8" total length 3 Pronged clamp with aluminum rod, 10" long
  • Labjaws Thermometer Swivel Clamp

    Holds glass tubes or thermometers from 6 to 13 mm diamter. Swivel lock adjusts from any angle through 360°. Distance from thermometer to support rod in 99 mm. Overall length is 122 mm. Integral post holders for easy connections.
  • Pinchcock Clamp

    Nickel-plated steel, with plated steel deep-dish finger-washers (19 mm diameter) Self-aligning Takes tubing up to 5/8 inch o.d.; 2 1/4” long
  • Labjaws Flow Control Devices

    …CLEARANCE PRICE: $10.89* ? Regular Hosecock Convex clamping surface gives greater clamping power with less pressure. Oversized screw head for accurate adjustment of fluid flow. Tubing retainer screw eliminates tubing slippage from clamp. Built-in side lugs for foot mounting. For bench or table…
  • Aero-Seal Tubing Clamps

    …tightening provides a pressure tight seal. Corrosion-resistant and extremely sturdy. Width of band is 14 mm. Clamps can be used in pairs to form larger diameter bands with screw drive on two sides; clamps need not be the same size. NOTE: Image might not represent exact model of product listed in clearance…
  • Test Tube Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies
    Test tube clamp for all sizes of test tubes. Available with and without finger grips in both Brass Wire and Steel wire with a brass finish. Note: Wooden test tube holder can accommodate test tubes from 12mm to 25mm in diameter.
  • Mohr's Pinchcock

    United Scientific Supplies
    Mohr's Pinchcock tubing Clamp is made of steel wire and nickel plated. Available for tubing diameters of 10mm, 13mm, and 16mm.
  • Stainless Steel Tube Occluding Clamps

    Sci Labs USA
    Made From ASTM Standard (899-94) Series 400 Stainless Steel Properly hardened, tempered and passivated Electronically polished and cleaned for a high-quality finish Patterns, dimensions and finish held to exacting standard Autoclavable Surgical Grade
  • Carboys w/Tubing & Clamps

    Carboy with tubing and clamp LDPE Heavy duty LDPE carboys with 5 ft. of vinyl food grade tubing (1085 series) 1210D25 Supplied with 1/4" I.D., 3/8" O.D. ?tubing, and use standard 15 position Dura-Clamp (7075-0000).?Supplied with vented closures. Hose tubing can be clamped ?out of the way…
  • Keck Ramp Clamp Tubing Clamps

    …adapters, clamps, and clips will not scratch glass or corrode—ideal for glass and tubing assembly. All KECK products are color-coded for fast, easy size identification. Use quick disconnect adapters for safe, convenient tubing-to-tubing or tubing-to-glass connections. Use RAMP CLAMP tubing clamps for easy…
  • EZ-Clamp Test Tube Racks

    …attached test tube racks. By tilting the test tube racks aeration can be improved. The EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp is designed for use on all LabStrong Helix 250, Helix 150BLR, Helix 150BL, and Helix 150 Orbital Shaker EZ-Clamp Platforms. Six of the EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamps can be installed…

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