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Corning T-75 Flask

  • KimCote® Filtering Flasks

    …or corrosive chemicals The plastic safety coating is steam-autoclavable The 125mL flask has a No. 5 stopper joint The 1, 2 and 4 liter flasks have a No. 8 stopper joint All flasks have a side arm for connection to 3/8” (6 mm) ID flexible tubing Manufactured from 33 expansion,…
  • XX1004744

    EMD Millipore
    Filtering Flask with Sidearm. Side arm connects to vacuum source with 3/8" I.D. hose No. 8 perforated silicone stopper mounts in standard 4 L filtering flasks Made of Borosilicate glass
  • PYREX® Distilling Flasks

    … Side-arm on all sizes is approximately 77 mm below the top of the neck at an angle of 75° Adaptable for use with thermometer calibrated for 76 mm immersion 50 mL flask takes rubber stopper No. 1; 250 mL flasks, stopper No. 3; 500 mL flask, stopper No. 4; 1,000 mL flask stopper No. 6.
  • 1000 ml Celstir, Jacketed, Complete

    In today’s market the Celstir design is the standard flask type for cell culture. Celstir flasks feature adjustable blade impeller for increased aeration and dimpled bottom to prevent the accumulation of cells under the impeller (dimpled bottom on 125 mL size and larger). When used with the…
  • WS180 Shaker

    …peptide synthesis flasks. It is also useful for shaking culture flasks and for agitating hard-to-dissolve solids such as polymers. The shaker simulates manual shaking by rotating through 180° of arc. It can shake two flasks simultaneously, either screw-cap top or side arm flasks. Its two large…
  • Pycnometer, 10 mL

    …No. 10/18 ground joint serves as stopper Side arm is fitted with vented 5/12 cap Thermometer range 14° to 37°C in 0.2° divisions; tolerance ±0.2°C Capacities are within 10% of nominal capacities etched on flask 50 mL size is for ASTM Standard D 153;…
  • Filtration Assemblies & Flask

    …silicone stopper. Flask with Side-Arm (4588A13 and A15) Manufactured from heavy wall borosilicate glass to provide the mechanical strength needed for vacuum filtration Side-arm accepts standard 1/4" (6mm) i.d. tubing for connection to vacuum sources. A second flask should be connected…
  • CO 8000 Biowave Personal Cell Density Meter

    …subsequent recall, printing or downloading. The unit accepts either 10 mm pathlength cuvettes or tubes allowing it to be used with Erlenmyer side arm flasks. The instrument is easily cleaned and can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or formaldehyde. Unit has rechargeable batteries that will hold…
  • SYNTHWARE Round Bottom Four Neck Flasks with Threaded Side Arms

    Kemtech America
    SYNTHWARE round bottom, heavy wall, four neck flasks with threaded side arm. Standard taper outer joints on both the center neck and the vertical side necks. Threaded side arm is for insertion of plain thermometer or bleed tube having an O.D. between 5.0mm and 7.5mm. Supplied complete with Nylon®…
  • Spinner Flask

    …support. The 1L spinner flask body is constructed of polystyrene, paddle and shaft from polypropylene and caps from high density polyethylene. All are ISO 10993 compliant materials Preassembled Flasks have one aseptic connector preassembled to one side arm. Opposite side arm has a flat cap. (Cat.…
  • Culture Flasks

    Electron Microscopy Sciences
    For all applications where gentle stirring is required, such as biological suspensions and micro-carrier cell cultures. The unique stirring action uses a flexible "PTFE" shaft driven through a fully encapsulated rare-earth magnet to give even and complete mixing throughout the liquid. The height of…
  • Disposable Spinner Flasks

    …glass spinner flasks for growth of suspension cell lines and any attachment-dependent cultures using microcarrier beads. Gamma-irradiated flasks meet USP XXIV: 71 Bacteriostasis, Fungistasis and Sterility Standards. No more concerns with detergent residues or contamination. Flasks cannot be…

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