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  • Norwell® Mucksucker Samplers

    Saint Gobain
    Norwell® Mucksucker Samplers allow safe, accurate sample collection from 55-gallon drums, truck and rail tank cars, large tanks, process vessels and bodies of water to support sampling applications within laboratory, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, food and beverage, semiconductor and…
  • Swing Sampler

    …or small solids 6' pole extends to 12’, 8' pole extends to 24' Includes 960 mL , wide mouth, high-density polyethylene bottle End of sampler swings, allowing collection of sample from a horizontal flowing stream, such as a sewer. Snapper attachments (sold below) are durable plastic and…
  • Drum Samplers

    …and models with depth capture available  upon request . Drum Sampler 6' 100 mL ( 1212X49 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0x1.905x78.062in 6' Handle Drum Sampler. Similar to our Liquid Sampler, but specifically designed for easy, effective sampling of 55 gallon drums…
  • The Sludge Judge®

    …m) sections of 3/4" (1.90 cm) plastic pipe with screw-type connectors. The top section includes a nylon rope for raising and lowering the sampler. Individual sections can be combined as required to achieve the length needed. Do not use in liquids over 165°F (74°C). Sludge Judge®…
  • Scienceware® Long-Handled Dippers

    Bel-Art Products
    For easy sampling from tanks, vats, lakes, etc. High-density polyethylene dippers Will not corrode or contaminate solutions With pouring spout Floats 'just in case' Dippers consist of a 500-mL high-density polyethylene beaker with pouring spout. A 1 1/8" diameter handle is welded at a…
  • Gosselin™ Dipper with Removable Handle

    Polypropylene blue containers Removable handle Shock resistant Packaged individually in tamper evident single Zip bags Traceability information on each bag Sterile 10 -3
  • Liquid Sampler

    Manufactured from chemically-resistant polypropylene, this sampling device is perfect for corrosive environments and for hard to reach places A 500 mL bottle screws into the end of the 6 foot handle and is filled via four ports (two allowing liquid to enter and two allowing air to escape) …
  • PVC Coliwasa

    …sampling unit up to 20 feet. Spin open top locking handle, insert slowly into drum to collect liquid column, pull top handle to seat bottom valve plate and spin top handle closed, trapping column in sampler. Dimensions: 1 3/8” i.d. x 1 5/8” o.d. Volume (in milliliters) given in listings.
  • Mipaw Sampler

    Bioscience International
    …of chromium plated brass with light alloy handle Sterilizable Applications: powdered milk, flour, sand, cement; sites of use: dairy, food, feed and chemical industries. To use, the sampler is placed into the product to be sampled and then transferred to a container. Length: 480 mm.
  • Tank Sampler

    …the sampler in the middle at about a 15° angle and pull the wire, holding the end over an appropriate container (Whirl-Pak® bag), or press and hold the pin on the bottom against a hard surface such as the bottom of a pail. This will release the valve and the sample will flow out. The sampler
  • Bomb Sampler, SS, Type 302, 500 mL

    For collecting liquid samples from storage tanks, ponds, wells, etc. Permits collection at various depths Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Type 302 Plunger can be activated by bumping unit on tank bottom or at any depth means of a second cord. A weighted plunger…
  • Scienceware® Sampler, Liquid

    Bel-Art Products
    Ideal for viscous liquids, this 50ml (1.65oz) liquid sampler is made for immersion into a can, bottle, tank, vat, etc. Nickel-plated brass cup and tubular handle with finger grips are 45cm (17½”) long Center rod with finger ring actuates a valve in the bottom of the cup…
  • Grab Sampler III

    …consists of 6 feet of shaft, coupling and connecting cable. Graduated Borosilicate Sample Bottle (8257N52) For Sub Surface Grab Sampler® III Repeatedly autoclavable Bottle supplied with PTFE-lined caps GPI 70-400 neck finish Sample bottle meets EPA/NJPDES…
  • Drum Samplers

    …sampling of 55 gallon drums or vessels with openings as small as 2 inch id The 100 mL bottle easily passes through the opening for quick filling The 4-inch T-design handle prevents dropping of sampler into the opening of the drum Handle available in 3- or 8-foot length x 1-1/4” diameter
  • Bailers

    Resin Bailer, Disposable, Spill Capacity 1 l, Length 3', Outside Dia. 1-5/8 In., Material Polytetrafluoroethylene, Includes Slide In Nozzle Item         Resin Bailer,Disposable Material        Polytetrafluoroethylene …
  • Whirl-Pak Sampling Pole

    Holds any size bag Retainer ring to firmly secure bag Fiberglass pole When you need to collect a sample in a Whirl-Pak bag but cannot reach the material, let the Whirl-Pak sampling pole make the stretch. Specially designed to hold any size bag, the holder uses a retainer ring to…
  • Storm Water Samplers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    …NPDES MSGP (Fed. Reg. FRL-6880-5 10/20/00) and most state general permit grab sampling requirements.  Sampler bottles are for use with Storm Water Mounting Kit. Storm Water Sampler Mounting Kit tube can be positioned in storm water ditch, stream or grate outfalls. Collects only runoff…
  • Dippas® Single Use Polystyrene Samplers

    Enable samples of liquid or powder to be taken and sent for testing in the same container, eliminating risk of cross contamination. Sterile Available in blue and clear The handle can be neatly snapped off once the sample has been taken. All Dippas come individually wrapped and…
  • Scienceware® Economy Dippers with Replaceable Cups

    Bel-Art Products
    For easy sampling from tanks, vats, lakes, etc. Lightweight and portable Two pouring spouts Strong, sturdy handles The 500-mL polypropylene cups have threaded fittings that screw into the handle. Two pouring spouts make it comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed…
  • Liquid Sampling & Stirring Kits

    … 6' Handle Stirring Paddle Perforated Mixing Paddle Liquid Sampler Kit (Consists of 1 each below) 1.5' Handle 3' Handle 6' Handle Sampler with Bottle 100 mL Sampler with Bottle 500 mL Complete Liquid Sampling & Stirring Kit (Consists…
  • Scienceware® Long and Short Handle Dippers

    Bel-Art Products
    HDPE dippers are chemical and corrosion-resistant. Firm 32 oz. sampling bowl is welded to a reinforced 29mm (1 1/8”) diameter, wood reinforced handle. The bowl is attached at a 45° angle for easier sampling from an elevated position. Safely gather samples from tanks, vats, lakes, and rail…
  • Soil Samplers

    Greenskeeper Soil Sampler Brass Auger for taking soil samples of approximately 10 mm diameter up to a depth of 152 mm Solid brass handle may be used as a plunger for core removal Sampling Tube Galvanized steel sampler with saw-tooth cutting edge tapered for easy core…
  • Model 701 N Shimadzu Syringe

    …vial types in an automated fashion. The AOC-20i meets these challenges and enhances throughput to meet your productivity goals. The AOC-20s Auto sampler carousel and robotic arm provide for sample transport to the AOC-20i using 1.0 mL and 4.0 mL vials. It can tell the difference between the vial…
  • Clean-Trace Surface ATP

    3M Food Safety
    Real-time ATP surface hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in seconds. With its unique liquid stable enzyme, the test offers superior levels of repeatability. This aspect of its performance and its incredible simplicity means customers throughout the world have put…
  • Multipro Sector Probe 55G

    Bioscience International
    …point is inserted through the bag wall or the commodity. When the sampler is deep enough to cover the different sectors, the handle is turned a half turn to allow samples to enter and then returned to the original position. The sampler is now removed and the different samples placed into containers…
  • Bailer

    Saint Gobain Plastics
    THOMAS CLEARANCE SALE! 50% OFF! Original Price: $378.40 CLEARANCE PRICE: $189.20~*   Controlled Flow Bottom, Small Diameter Bailer Available with 3/4” or 1” o.d. for smaller wells Machined from 100% Teflon System flexibility - interchangeable parts permit quick reassembly…
  • En Core® Sampler

    C & G Container
    En Core® Sampler is a SINGLE USE device. It cannot be cleaned and/or reused. En Core® Sampler is designed to store soil. Do not use En Core Sampler to store solvent or free product En Core® Sampler must be used with En Core® T-Handle and/or En Core® Extrusion Tool exclusively. (These items are…
  • Lock N' Load™ Handle

    Environmental Sampling Supply
    …PRICE: $7.65*   No balance needed to measure samples Samples ready for analysis on-site or back in the lab Handle and sampler sold separately allowing for economical use * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional units may be available for purchase…
  • Sounding Lead & Calibrated Line Unit

    Heavy nylon line calibrated from 0 to 20 meters in 1 meter increments Lower end of line is fitted with brass hook for attachment to sampling devices, Secchi disk, etc. With removable 2-lb (0.91-kg) lead weight Top end of line is attached to a foam plastic float which also serves as…
  • Agar Strips TC

    EMD Millipore
    Tryptic Soy Agar for determination of the total viable count. For use with RCS Microbial Air Samplers. Store at 2-25°C.
  • PIC Sampler Probe

    Bioscience International
    …polyethylene or paper bags Constructed of chromium-plated brass with anodized aluminum handle Sterilizable The needle point sampler punctures the bag with minimum damage. Applications: powder, flour, crystals, sugar; sites of use: pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, dairy…
  • Sludge Nabber

    The Nasco Sludge Nabber makes sample collection of liquids fast and easy. It has an adjustable aluminum pole that extends from 4 to 6-1/2 feet (1.22 to 1.99 m), making it easy to reach the liquid to be sampled and carried. The Sludge Nabber is ideally suited for numerous sampling requirements…

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