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  • Thomas pH Buffer Solutions

    …amount of colorant in these solutions provides immediate visual identification: red for pH 4, yellow for pH 7, blue for pH 10 0.01 pH unit tolerance at 25°C Color-coding reduces probability of error in pH meter calibration checks, preventing gross errors in measurement pH 4 ( Clear: 4120G12, G15…
  • pH/ORP Bench-Top Meter

    pH/mV Meter can also measure ion concentration (ISE) or ORP (oxidation reduction potential) in the extended mV range with optional electrodes. Features/Benefits: Manual calibration for offset and slope Manual Temperature Compensation (MTC) Large, easy to read LCD Built-in Solution
  • Portable Extended Range pH/ORP Meter

    …swimming pool and spa water quality and environmental applications. HI 991002 measures pH/ORP/temperature. HI1297D pH/ORP/temperature probe features an easy to clean recessed tip that prevents solids in solutions from collecting on the sensor. The AISI 316 stainless steel and titanium body of these…
  • Standard pH Mini-Bench Meter

    Milwaukee Instruments
    meter cable Manual calibration 2 points Faster Processor with The New Chipset and Motherboard 100% Larger & Easier To Read LED Display Smaller, Ergonomic & Lighter Case Design Includes 9vDC power supply, mounting Kit, SE220 pH probe, probe holder, and 20ml pH 7.01 & 4.01 calibration solution

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