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  • Electrode Holder

    Cantilever stand with large steel base Enamel-coated base provides protection against spills. Unit is constructed of heavy steel, making the holder very sturdy and very hard to tip over.
  • pH Electrode Stand

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    Electrode holders and stands Electrode holders and stands permit one-handed operation of electrode movement Four-position holders allow simultaneous use of pH or ISE electrode and reference half cell Swing arm stand (0732H82) allows flexible movement of electrodes. Holder and stand (4153Y35) permits…
  • Electrode Holder

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    With 5 holes to take Thermo Orion ion-selective electrodes or gas sensing electrodes, as well as reference and pH electrodes and temperature compensating probes. Gas sensing electrodes are supported at 20° angle, to avoid entrapment of air bubbles in sensing tip. Fits support rods 5/16 or 3/8“…
  • Flexible Arm Electrode Holder

    …for semi-permanent installation Available with one or two-hole head A great aid when adjusting pH, temperatures or concentrations, this arm assists by holding and positioning electrodes and other items in 3-D space. Unit can be positioned at will by bending to the desired location and then…
  • Orion 266S Advanced Portable Waterproof pH Meter, Electrode and Field Kit

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    …transfer software. The meter and electrode package contains a rugged, low-maintenance Orion Triode™ 3-in-1 Combination pH Electrode. The Orion 266S carries an intrinsically safe rating as well. 1226F62 Field kit contains: neckstrap, manual, case, stand, electrode holder, beakers, 4, 7, 10 buffers, RS232…
  • Electrode Holder

    Hands free pH measurement Holds up to four standard size electrodes (14-mm dia max) and one ATC probe. Weighted 6" dia base lets you pivot holder 360° for added convenience. Flexible arm lets you move electrode side-to-side or up-and-down while keeping electrode at a constant vertical angle…
  • SevenCompact™ pH/Ion Meter S220

    Mettler Toledo
    …1217D46 Includes S220 SevenCompact™ pH/Ion meter, electrode holder, protective cover, operating instructions, quick guide, declaration of conformity and test certificate, InLab Routine Pro-ISM, guide to pH measurements and two buffer sachets for pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21 and 10.0. Thomas No.…
  • pH Meter for Education

    With features such as a built-in beaker holder, beaker-top electrode holder and rugged, 2-in-1 pH and temperature sensor, the HI 207 is designed to meet busy classroom environments. Compact and lightweight Built-in beaker and beaker-top electrode holder pH and temperature in one probe Dual-level…
  • Waterproof pH 150 Meter

    …Intuitive, user-friendly icons--electrode status displays pH slope Grip-Clip holder quickly and easily secures the electrode to your beaker Expanded data logging for up to 150 data sets mV offset for calibration of ORP standards, zeroing mV, and pH diagnostics 700 hour battery-life…
  • Waterproof pH 450 Meter

    Backlit, rugged waterproof meter is ideal for any environment Intuitive, user-friendly icons--electrode status displays pH slope Grip-Clip™ electrode holder quickly and easily secures electrode to side of beaker or container USB or RS-232 output for up to 500 data sets Extended battery…
  • Ammonia Ion Electrode Accessories

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    …Adjusting Solution (ISA) adjusts the pH of standards and samples used in ammonia measurements. Ammonia Standard Solutions; 0.1 M ammonium chloride or 1,000 ppm as N. Replacement Membranes or Membrane Caps; Loose membranes for probes with O-Ring membrane holder; membrane caps for probes with threads…
  • pH Meters Accessories/Replacement Parts

    …mm Bench ? Magnetic stirrer with sensor holder, directly connectable to SENSION+ multi meter benchtop instruments (as a 2nd stirrer. ? Flasks for Benchtop pH CAL, 3 x 50 mL Set of 3 x 50 ml printed flasks for bench-top pH-meters calibration, yellow labeled pH7 Flasks for…
  • SevenExcellence™ Meters

    Mettler Toledo
    …SevenMulti™ pH meter Professional performance with modular expansion possibilities at any time! S400-Kit. pH-Meter S40 complete, additionally with: InLab® Expert Pro "3-In-1" pH electrode, buffer sachets (2 each ; 4.01, 7.00 and 9.21), buffer sachet holder, guide to pH measurement and certificate…
  • Bench-Top pH/mV Meter

    Sper Scientific
    …99 data points Data Hold 5 calibration points Electrode status indication Operates on AC voltage (no batteries). Comes ready to use with ATC pH electrode, electrode holder arm, AC adaptor, computer cable & software. Also accepts any pH or ORP probe with a standard BNC connector. Dimensions…
  • VERSA STAR pH/LogR Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    …samples without a stir plate with direct control for two Orion Star stirrer probes (096019, sold separately) Included electrode arm and newly-designed probe holder make it easier to maintain and place probes into samples Works with almost every AC power source with the included…
  • Star A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    …Thermo Scientific Orion Star A214 pH/ISE Benchtop Meter is the ideal choice for any lab. Get the information you need quickly and easily from the large, backlit graphic LCD display. Informative display shows pH/mV/RmV/ISE results and temperature along with electrode status, time, date, sample ID, user…

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