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  • Color-Coded pH Buffers

    Ricca Chemical
    Standardized and certified traceable to NIST Standard Color-coded for quick reference Accuracy ±0.01 pH at 25°C pH temperature chart, lot numbers and expiration dates on each label pH 4.0 buffer is colored red, 7.0 buffer is yellow and 10.0 buffer is blue. Thomas numbers 4120R54, R60 and R66…
  • Rainbow Buffer

    Mettler Toledo
    …to NIST Standards Rainbow II Buffer package consists of 30 20 mL sachets of 10 each of 4.01, 7.00 and 10.01 pH solutions. Buffer solutions are traceable to NIST standards and come with a quality inspection certificate which guarantees the stated values and traceability. Rainbow Buffers are thereby…
  • Reference Standard pH Buffers

    Ricca Chemical
    …life Reference Standard pH Buffers make pH easy. We offer consistent, reliable performance and NIST traceability. All buffers offer tight specifications (?0.01 ph unit) and a long shelf life. Temperature conversion charts are available for all Thomas buffers up to pH 11.
  • Orion® pH Buffers

    Thermo Scientific Orion
    Orion pH buffers are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality standards. Buffers are color-coded for ease of use, packaged with buffer/temperature tables for accurate calibrations and NIST traceability. All-in-One Buffer kit (1233M21) includes pint bottles of 4 (pink), 7 (yellow) and 10 (blue) buffers, electrode…
  • Buffer, Precision Reference Standard

    Ricca Chemical
    Ricca's precision line of pH Buffers has tolerances of ±0.005 pH unit or better. Specially selected containers and proprietary manufacturing processes lead to the most accurate buffers on the market.
  • Buffer Tri-Chek Capsule Set

    Micro Essential
    …de-ionized water, Hydrion Buffer Capsules will accurately produce 100 ml. of solution at pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00. Hydrion Buffers are free flowing soluble powders that prepare clear or color safe solutions in minutes. The set contains 1 vial of each buffer standard, with each vial containing 10…
  • Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), 10x, pH 7.4

    Corning cellgro
    Phosphate Buffered Saline is used to maintain a physiological pH and osmolarity, two key factors in tissue culture and molecular biology research. This concentrated form should be diluted to a working concentration using reagent grade water. Technical Advantage: Product manufactured under industry…
  • Millesimal Buffer Solutions

    …accuracy in pH measurements. Each bottle of the series HI 60xx is provided with a certificate of analysis, prepared by comparison with NIST standards. The colors on the HI 60xx series packaging correspond to a given standard pH value. They make it easy and safe to identify the buffers to be used.

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