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  • Compact Muffle Furnaces

    With their unbeatable price/performance ratio, these compact muffle furnaces are perfect for many applications in the laboratory. Quality features like the dual shell furnace housing of rust-free stainless steel, their compact, lightweight constructions, or the heating elements encased in quartz…
  • Professional Furnaces

    These models stand out for their excellent workmanship, advanced and attractive design, and high level of reliability. The furnaces come equipped with either a flap door or lift door at no extra charge. Features: Tmax 1100°C or 1200°C Heating from two sides by ceramic…
  • High-Temperature Chamber Furnaces with SiC Rod Heating

    These powerful laboratory muffle furnaces are available for temperatures up to 1400°C, 1500°C, or 1600°C. The durability of the SiC rods in periodic use, in combination with their high heating speed, make these furnaces to all-rounders in the laboratory. Heating times of 40 minutes to…
  • High-Temperature Lift-Bottom Furnaces

    The electrically driven lift-bottom considerably allows for proper charging of the LHT/LB furnaces. The heating all around the cylindrical furnace chamber provides for an opitimal temperature uniformity. For model LHT 02/17 LB the charge can be placed in charge saggars made of technical ceramics. Up…
  • Muffle Furnaces with Brick Insulation

    Heating elements on support tubes radiating freely into the furnace chamber provide for particularly short heating times for these models. Thanks to their robust lightweight refractory brick insulation, they can reach a maximum working temperature of 1300 °C. These models thus represent an…
  • Compact Tube Furnaces

    These compact tabletop tube furnaces with integrated control systems can be used universally for many processes. Equipped with a standard working tube of C 530 ceramic and two fiber plugs, these furnaces have an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Tmax 1200°C or 1300°C Housing made of sheets of…
  • Ovens, Forced Air Circulation

    With their maximum working temperature of up to 300 °C and forced air circulation, the ovens achieve a perfect temperature uniformity which is much better than in ovens of most competitors. They can be used for various applications such as e.g. drying, sterilizing or warm storing. Ample warehousing…
  • Exhaust Systems/Accessories for Muffle Furnaces

    Select between different bottom plates and collecting pans for protection of the furnace and easy loading (for models L, LT, LE, LV and LVT). Heat-resistant gloves for protection of the operator when loading or removing hot materials, resistant to 650°C or 700°C. Various tongs for easy…
  • Professional Chamber Furnaces

    The LH 15/12 - LF 120/14 laboratory furnaces have been trusted for many years as professional chamber furnaces for the laboratory. These furnaces are available with either a robust insulation of light refractory bricks (LH models) or with a combination insulation of refractory bricks in the corners…

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