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  • Compact Muffle Furnaces

    With their unbeatable price/performance ratio, these compact muffle furnaces are perfect for many applications in the laboratory. Quality features like the dual shell furnace housing of rust-free stainless steel, their compact, lightweight constructions, or the heating elements encased in quartz…
  • Professional Furnaces

    These models stand out for their excellent workmanship, advanced and attractive design, and high level of reliability. The furnaces come equipped with either a flap door or lift door at no extra charge. Features: Tmax 1100°C or 1200°C Heating from two sides by ceramic…
  • High-Temperature Chamber Furnaces with SiC Rod Heating

    These powerful laboratory muffle furnaces are available for temperatures up to 1400°C, 1500°C, or 1600°C. The durability of the SiC rods in periodic use, in combination with their high heating speed, make these furnaces to all-rounders in the laboratory. Heating times of 40 minutes to…
  • Muffle Furnaces with Embedded Heating Elements in the Ceramic Muffle

    We particularly recommend the L 9/11/SKM model if your application involves aggressive substances. The furnace has a ceramic muffle with embedded heating from four sides. The furnace thus combines a very good temperature uniformity with excellent protection of the heating elements from aggressive…
  • Ovens, Forced Air Circulation

    With their maximum working temperature of up to 300 °C and forced air circulation, the ovens achieve a perfect temperature uniformity which is much better than in ovens of most competitors. They can be used for various applications such as e.g. drying, sterilizing or warm storing. Ample warehousing…
  • Compact Tube Furnaces

    These compact tabletop tube furnaces with integrated control systems can be used universally for many processes. Equipped with a standard working tube of C 530 ceramic and two fiber plugs, these furnaces have an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Tmax 1200°C or 1300°C Housing made of sheets of…
  • Exhaust Systems/Accessories for Muffle Furnaces

    Select between different bottom plates and collecting pans for protection of the furnace and easy loading (for models L, LT, LE, LV and LVT). Heat-resistant gloves for protection of the operator when loading or removing hot materials, resistant to 650°C or 700°C. Various tongs for easy…
  • Professional Chamber Furnaces

    The LH 15/12 - LF 120/14 laboratory furnaces have been trusted for many years as professional chamber furnaces for the laboratory. These furnaces are available with either a robust insulation of light refractory bricks (LH models) or with a combination insulation of refractory bricks in the corners…

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