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  • Compass, 90mm diameter

    United Scientific Supplies
    This magnetic compass is extra large (90mm diameter), comes in a bright color plastic case, with a clear plastic top. Shipping weight: 2.0 oz. Dimensions: 4"; x 4"; x 1".
  • Demonstration Compass

    United Scientific Supplies
    4"; Magnetic needle on plastic support with a brass pivot.
  • Aluminum Case Compass

    United Scientific Supplies
  • Economy Magnet Kit

    United Scientific Supplies
    …1.5 lb, dimensions: 9.25"; x 9"; x 1.5";. KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: 1 Steel horseshoe magnet, 3 Ceramic donut magnets, 1 Iron filings pack, 1 Lodestone, 1 Activity Guide containing 17 experiments, 2 Ceramic bar magnets, 4 Metal squares (iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc), and 2 magnetic compasses.
  • Tangent Galvanometer

    United Scientific Supplies
    …loop generates a magnetic field. Two coils of insulated wire, with 5 and 10 turns respectively, are wound around a 6" diameter plastic ring. The ring is mounted on a plastic base with 3 binding posts that allow connection to five, ten, or fifteen turns of wire. A magnetic compass (included) can…
  • Electromagnet Kit

    United Scientific Supplies
    …the principles and applications of electromagnets. It includes two coils on plastic spools, a U shape iron core, a straight iron core, two magnetic compasses with stands, and a pair of wires. Students can build a bar-shaped and a U -shaped electromagnet which they power with a 6V battery (not…
  • Ampere's Rule Apparatus

    United Scientific Supplies
    This apparatus allows students to study the magnetic field around a wire. Heavy brass wire with terminals is arranged on a calear plastic base. Also included are 1 each 45mm comlpass, and 6 each 16 mm compasses and an activity guide.

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