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  • Cleaning And Maintenance Supplies For 5975/5973

    Agilent Technologies
    …(5/pk), lint-free cloths (15/pk), cotton swabs (100/pk), SantoVac Ultra, 18.5 ml (2 each), rough pump oil (1 liter), filament assembly, and Octafluoronapthalene (OFN) MSD Tool Kit (2713M85) includes small cleaning rod, large cleaning rod, source hold tool, cotton swabs (100/pk), lint-free nylon gloves…
  • Thomas Cheesecloth Wipers

    …-abrasive Will absorb six times their own weight of solvents and aqueous solutions Reagent grade quality Meets all lab requirements Lint-free 9 inch squared 8-ply pad (2904A20) unfolds to 18 x 36 inch wipes and are packed 60 to a dispenser box. Brilliant white, 4 inch square 8-ply pad (1235C29…
  • Thomas Clean-Wipes

    …pure water treated wipes High-quality, ultra-clean grade Strong, soft and lint-free Pre-moistened Clean-Wipes are just right for cleaning fragile equipment and clean up even the dirtiest parts. Non-woven cloths are moistened with either a 70/30 blend of pure, reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol…
  • 24 MM Sample Cells

    24 MM glass sample cells are available for use with the SC450 Colorimeters, MC500 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter and SP600 Spectrophotometer from Lovibond. Our innovative light shielding rings eliminate the need for separate light shields which can become broken or lost. Cells are supplied…

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