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  • Products (57)
  • The Belly Dancer Shakers

    IBI Scientific
    …Tube Mat is a 12 x 12” urethane mat that allows the Belly Dancer to mix the contents of small tubes up to 50ml in size.  Belly Dancer Lab Start-Up Kits are now available with your choice of accessories. The Belly Dancer w/ 2nd Story Platform includes The Belly Dancer and the 2nd tier…
  • Hi/Low Profile Rockers

    IBI Scientific
    The IBI Hi-Lo Rocker is rugged and versatile. Constructed of 300 series stainless steel, this unit is made to operate in multiple environments and provide years of worry free service. Stainless steel construction allows for cleaning and sterilization of shelves and also prevents staining, fading or…
  • Mini-Rotator

    Variable speed control Compact size Heavy duty Fuse protected Smaller size makes this ideal for use on a lab bench; in small incubations, refrigerators, biological cabinets and fume hoods; or in any other area where space is limited. Specifically designed to handle both large…
  • Rotavapor® R-210 Rotary Evaporator

    Glass Assemblies Rotation speeds of 20 to 280 rpm Flask sizes of 50 to 4000 mL The lab-scale Rotavapor R-210 handles evaporation flasks in sizes from 50 mL up to 4,000 mL. A continuous vapor duct prevents cross-contamination and is particularly easy to dismantle and clean. The vacuum seal…
  • OPTIKA LAB-20 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes

    The LAB series can be considered as the entry-level of the OPTIKA professional stereo microscope range. The two models have been designed for end users who need professional quality at low cost. Heads Binocular heads, 360° rotating and 45° inclined. Interpupillary distance Adjustable…
  • Low Profile Roller

    IBI Scientific
    …and the ability to operate in high humidity (up to 97%) and CO2. The Low Profile Roller Lab Start-Up Kit comes with eleven rollers for rolling up to 20 small tubes ranging in size from 10-50ml. Each lab start-up kit comes with a bag of assorted O-rings to be placed on the tubes to insure they…
  • Tube Revolver

    Thermo Scientific
    Tube Revolver Increase your lab’s efficiency with our variable speed tube revolver. Its small footprint, flexible design, and simple display help increase flexiblity and effectiveness. FEATURES Interchangeable rotisseries accommodate different tube sizes for maximum flexiblity.…
  • PS-3D fixed tilt and PS-M3D multi-function 3D Rotators

    Grant Instruments
    …3D rotation speed: 1 to 100 rpm Reciprocal 3D rotation: 1 to 360° turning angle Vibration: 1 to 5° turning angle, programmable in a burst of 1 to 5 seconds Fully programmable sequence of all functions Loads up to 1.0 kg Applications: Education / Clinical/ Research Labs -…
  • 1013 Hybridization Oven

    Shel Lab
    …will shut off the power to the heating elements. The 2-20 RPM rotation speed range permits hybridization and washing at different speeds at the touch of a dial. A separate jogging switch has beenincluded to allow incremental rotation of the carousel for easy loading and unloading. This unit has a…
  • Orbitron Rotators

    …minute Orbitron Rotator Model II Used in labs that require gentle, low foaming agitation and uniform mixing of lab samples Also supplied with non-skid mat for flasks and plates 0-23° adjustable tilt angle Speed range is 6 to 23 orbits per minute Orbitron Rotator Model III 6-125…
  • Rotavapor® R-215 Rotary Evaporator

    … Flask sizes of 50 to 4000 mL Rotation speeds of 20 to 280 rpm The lab-scale Rotavapor R-215 has many features similar to the R-210. The difference between the Rotavapor R-215 and the R-210 is the additional display of the vapor temperature and the rotation speed for processes that require…
  • Rotator Genie

    Scientific Industries
    The Rotator Genie is a compact but rugged lab rotator available in two INTERCHANGEABLE platform configurations providing the ability to hold virtually any kind of container. Choose from Standard Platform with Retaining Bands or Magnetic Platform Magnetic stainless steel platform and clip…
  • Cel-Gro Rotator

    Tissue culture rotator provides variable speed and angle Solid-state control regulates rotor up to 70 rpm Angle of drum adjustable from 5° above horizontal to 90°. Designed to operate in standard incubators up to 60°C (140°F). Body is enamel-coated stainless steel. Overall…
  • Revolver™ Adjustable Rotator

    … Labnet's Revolver™ lab sample rotator accepts a variety of tube sizes and mixes them horizontally, vertically, or any position in between. Changing the mixing angle is easy simply turn the rotisserie. No tools are required. Complete 360° rotation Adjustable 0-90° mixing…
  • Multi-Tube Rotator, 120V, 60Hz

    Bi-directional rotation Shaker speed - 30 rpm Ideal for use in hematology, blood-chemistry and other laboratory applications where a continuous, gentle motion is necessary. The mechanical action of the unit provides a circular motion coupled with a rocking pattern which keeps liquids…
  • Primate Chair. Rotating

  • i-4 Infinity Microscopes

    LW Scientific
    The i4 modular series microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. Use the rotating head to adjust the height for taller users. Infinity Plan and Semi-Plan optics with a 30-year anti-fungal coating match quality with value within any…
  • i4 Microscope

    LW Scientific
    …and trinocular head microscopes feature exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab – and USA electronics. Use the rotating head to adjust the height for taller users. Infinity Semi-Plan optics with a 30-yearanti-fungal coating match quality with…
  • Dispensette® TA 1-10mL Dispenser

    …without the removable SafetyPrime™ recirculation valve The 45mm standard thread plus the included adapters fit most common lab bottles The valve block can be rotated 360° so that the bottle label always faces the user for safety Telescoping filling tube adjusts to different bottle sizes …
  • LopHene®

    Decon Labs
    LopHene® Concentrated Phenolic Germicide for Rotational Disinfection. Used alone or used with CiDecon in a rotational disinfection program, LopHene® is a concentrated low-pH germicidal cleaner for use in labs, production areas, and on process equipment. Diluted half ounce per gallon of water…
  • SI4 Bench Top Shaking Incubator

    Shel Lab
    …feature stainless steel interiors which provide excellent durability and an easy-to-clean surface. Each unit has an easy-to-read LED display. The rotation platform is included with each unit and is self-centering for easy installation. All major functions -- temperature, RPM and time -- have alarms…
  • SI9/SI9R Large Capacity Shaking Incubators

    Shel Lab
    …loads, varying capacities and stroke lengths, which in turn allows for smoother operation. An adjustable orbit allows the user to change the rotational stroke from 0.5" (vigorous shaking) to 1" (gentle shaking) to accommodate different types of cells and to provide maximum oxygen transfer.…
  • Twister Pipette Work Station

    …can accommodate six pipettes of most brands. It is available in seven translucent colors. The Twister features a soft 360° rotation making it easy to grab the correct pipette. The work station is easy to disassemble and clean. The Twister work stand is the ideal storage solution for busy labs!
  • Scienceware® Radioimmunoassay Tube Racks

    Bel-Art Products
    …in one rack Polyethylene racks provide practical methods of pipetting and storing a large number of samples Using alternate rows and rotating tubes makes it easy to keep track of the last tube filled Can be used in clinical labs for storage of samples Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)

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