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Lauda Brinkmann

  • RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Stations

    Electrothermal (Bibby Scientific US)
    The RS 9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station can be used within a robotic workstation or as a stand-alone apparatus within the lab. On a robotic platform, heating and shaking cycles can be controlled by external software or as part of a fully automated system, through the RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports; for…
  • Precision Electric Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific Precision
    4-Hole (9818R25) Constant level device is machined brass Immersion heaters are copper-clad Requires 1/4” tubing for connection supply and drain. Furnished with separate control switch mounted in wall plate. Overall dimensions: 381 mm long x 381 mm wide x 102 mm deep, with 19 mm wide flange around…
  • Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)
    …fluorescent display. For maximum security, an independent safety circuit automatically sets to 20°C above the set temperature and shuts off the heater if the temperature exceeds this. Therefore, the hotplate is safe to leave on continuously, even unsupervised e.g. overnight. Internal electronic components…
  • Heetgrid Utility Immersion Heaters

    Ideal for heating liquids of all types in laboratory and industrial use Heating element is polished Type 316 stainless steel Design permits hanging over edge of vessel Elements are contained in coil section to concentrate heat at bottom of vessel Risers are unheated; 1,500 watts, 115 volts…
  • Heaters

    Griffin beaker heaters Maximum internal temperature 450°C Resilient and pliable interior, which cradles fragile beakers Heat is concentrated at the bottom, so even small liquid volumes can be heated Glass cloth mantle conforms to shape of beaker for even application of heat Controller 5915A01…
  • Cleveland Open-Cup Manual Flash Point Testers

    …fire points by the Cleveland Open-Cup method. Consists of test flame applicator, brass test cup, thermometer support, heating plate and electric heater. Applicator is precisely aligned per specifications and pivots for the test flame application at specified temperature intervals. Hinged thermometer…
  • Thomas Mini Hot Plates

    …Durable 4.5” diameter cast aluminum top plate provides an even heating surface. Bi-metallic thermostat offers reliable heating control and powerful heater reaches maximum 400°C temperature in minutes. ?Compact design saves bench space. Built-in support rod holder with locking knob allows a 0.5” (1…
  • Electromantle® EM Series Heating Mantles With Controller

    Electrothermal (Bibby Scientific US)
    Unique Electrothermal replaceable heating element/cartridge Heating mantle and controller in one unit Polypropylene housing The EM Series Electromantle incorporates the proven electrothermal coiled, flexible heating element in special insulation and features a “power on”…
  • Silicone Rubber Griffin Beaker Heaters

    Product Highlights Provides Even Heat for Griffin and?Standard Beaker Heating Applications Removable with VELCRO®-like Closure. Easy-Access to Graduation Moisture and Chemical Resistant. No Need to Worry About Spills Specifications Maximum exposure…
  • EX Gravity Convection Economy Ovens

    Shel Lab
    …for efficient heating. The double wall insulation and 2 inches of industrial fiberglass insulation help to minimize heat loss. The low watt density heater keeps temperatures uniform and keep your energy consumption down. Three-inch adjustable port Stainless steel shelves adjustable on 1/2" Independent…
  • Talboys Advanced (Digital) Block Heater

    …Reduces condensation on sample lids Optional external temperature probe Holds interchangeable modular blocks Talboys Advanced Dry Block Heaters with Heated lids are designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. These multi-purpose units are ideal…
  • Multi-Block Dry Block Heaters

    …power switch operates independently of the thermostat dials and a pilot light indicates when the heater is cycling. Heaters do not include required blocks (see Thomas numbers 5891B79 to D28). Heaters are CE and CSA certified. Units include Block puller and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. All…

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