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  • Glass Stirrers With Joint

    PTFE Bearing Rotating shaft of borosilicate glass with snap-on PTFE propeller is sealed through Standard Taper 24/40 glass joint for insertion in Standard Taper flasks necks PTFE bearing is sealed by a Viton O-ring, permitting closed system stirring under pressure or vacuum Metal…
  • Safe-Lab® PTFE Bearing Inserts

    Bel-Art Products
    Not autoclavable. 2 per pack. Use with 10mm stirring rods. Replacement bearings for use with Safe-Lab® Joint Stirrer Bearing
  • Thomas Model 4 Wiley® Mill

    …enclosed ball-bearing type, equipped with thermal overload cutout and needing no lubrication for years. Safety switch prevents operation when the chamber is open. Provides rotor speed of 800 rpm at 60 Hz and 667 rpm at 50 Hz. Pulley drive uses a 16 mm V-belt. Rotor shaft ball bearings require lubrication…
  • Double Sidearm Celstir® Spinner Flasks

    …“200” borosilicate glass Cylindrical with screw neck and polypropylene cap Teflon®-faced cap, silicon rubber liner Internal Teflon-covered impeller assembly permits gentle stirring of cell suspension cultures in sealed flasks by placing on a magnetic stirrer. Nylon bearing sleeve attached…
  • ALDRICH 4-Carboxyphenylboronic acid,

    …Ruthenium (Ru)-complex •?Glucose sensitive boronic acid-bearing block copolymers •?Trisulfonated calixarene upper-rim sulfonamido derivatives and their complexation with the trimethyllysine epigenetic mark Packaging: 1, 10 g in glass bottle
  • ALDRICH (DHQ)2AQN, 95%

    …for asymmetric dihydroxylation reactions of most olefins bearing aliphatic substituents or olefins having heteroatoms in the allylic position. Legal Information: Sold under license from Rhodia Pharma Solutions. Packaging: 500 mg in glass bottle
  • Explorer® Analytical and Precision Balances

    …Antistatic coated glass helps dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber that could adversely affect the weighing results Side doors seamlessly glide on top-mounted bearings, helping to prevent any potential bind up when balance is left uncleaned Easy to install and remove glass panels and a stainless…
  • MD Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

    Franklin Electric
    …mechanical seals Fluids contact glass-filled polypropylene, PTFE, stainless steel, barium ferrite and Buna-N Requires manual priming unless mounted below liquid level Not a “stand alone” unit Non-submersible Open, shaded-pole motor has sleeve bearings and is impedance protected Motor…

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