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Benchmark Scientific

  • Tachometer Laser

    Touchless handheld point-and-shoot tachometer targets a rotating object and provides instant precision results. Optical no-contact measurements are made by placing a piece of reflective tape on the rotating object. Red LED light locks on the self-adhesive reflective tape (24” supplied)…
  • Laser Tachometer

    LW Scientific
    Test your centrifuge for accuracy using the LW Scientific handheld digital tachometer. Be certain that you are spinning fluids at the correct CLIA recommended speeds. How do you know your variable speed centrifuge is spinning urines at 400 g’s? Spinning too slowly may give inadequate…
  • USA E8 Fixed Speed Centrifuge

    LW Scientific
    The USA E8 Centrifuge is designed, engineered, and assembled at LW Scientific’s ISO-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Lawrenceville, GA. Expect American quality as well as customary LW Scientific support. This new model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher…
  • Combo V24 Centrifuge

    LW Scientific
    Accomplish both test tube and microhematocrit separations with the Combo centrifuge. Simply choose a box (with or without a digital tachometer) and choose your rotors. The Combo spins either test tubes, capillary tubes or microtubes by simply changing rotors — no tools required! Achieve…

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