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  • Heated Circulating Baths

    …Programmable, the heated circulating baths are extremely easy to use. Crisp menu architecture, screen icons, and plain-text prompts make it easy to navigate through operational settings and options. Convenient LidDock™ helps keep moisture where it belongs - in the bath. Accessing the reservoir…
  • ALPHA Heating Circulators

    …coil and pump circulation set as well as a bath cover set are available as optional accessories. 3-button operation with large, clearly legible LED display provides easy and intuitive menu navigation with easily legible display values. Flow rate can be adjusted to the size of the bath through the use…
  • Refrigerated Circulating Baths

    baths are extremely easy to use. Clear navigational buttons and menu prompts guide you through setup, making operational and temperature set-point changes simple and precise. Easy to maintain Accessing the reservoir drain and removable air filter for maintenance is as simple as removing the circulator's
  • TC120 Series Heated Circulating Baths

    Grant Instruments
    circulating baths provide a source of precision heating and cooling for many routine and sensitive analytical procedures. They are suitable for use as both open and closed loop circulators (i.e. remote vessel open or closed). Alternatively, the Grant FH series of flow heaters (closed circulators) can…
  • Model 50 Reciprocal Shaking Water Bath

    Thermo Scientific Precision
    …the baths easy to use, while meeting the stringent standards for laboratory testing. Rugged stainless-steel construction with easy to clean epoxy-powder coated exterior that resists corrosion and chemical damage Microprocessor control with digital LED display shows current bath temperature…
  • Temperature Circulators

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)
    …Units Exceptional thermal performance Adjustable over-temperature cut-out Standard circulating pump with external circulating connections Temperature circulators for attachment to 9833H25 unheated baths. Refrigeration or cooling coil is required for below ambient cooling. Please contact Thomas…
  • Circulating Water Baths

    Shel Lab
    SHEL LAB Circulating Water Baths are an excellent choice for research and quality control applications. They are highly accurate, easy-to-use, rugged and safe. The stainless steel cover is included with the purchase of this model. The use of covers is suggested since they allow maximum temperature range…
  • Precision Coliform Baths

    Thermo Scientific Precision
    …is gently directed around bath perimeter. The small coliform baths (9833R25, R27) occupy only 2 ft. 2 of bench space. Deep-drawn stainless steel bath chamber is seamless. Circulator and temperature sensor probe are easily removed for complete cleaning access. Small bath will hold one test tube rack…

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