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  • Robotic Pipettor Tips

    Axygen brand automation tips are compatible with Hamilton MICROLAB® STAR and Nimbus® robotic systems. Tips are conductive liquid level sensing, available in 4 sizes (10µl, 50µl, 300µl, and 1000µl and are packaged in either traditional hanging tip racks (or “frame” style) or deck-seating nested…
  • 96-Well Full Skirt PCR Microplates

    Axygen’s 96-well, full-skirt PCR microplates have a working volume of 200ul. Available in a variety of colors.
  • 0.5mL Thin Wall PCR Tubes with Flat Caps

    Axygen® 0.5mL polypropylene thin wall PCR tubes with flat caps are designed to fit standard 96 well blocks and are available in an assortment of colors. Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer and even insertion cap ensures a tight fit to prevent evaporation.…
  • Microtube 1.7mL Sterile Cs2500

    Axygen® 1.7mL MaxyClear Microtubes are available in a variety of colors, sterile, and Maxymum Recovery®. All Axygen Snaplock Microtubes have frosted cap surfaces for labeling, frosted panels on the side for writing, and a piercing port in the center of the cap. Will withstand up to 20,000…

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