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  • Unlined Black Polypropylene Caps

    Black Unlined Polypropylene Caps are known for good impact strength, cost effectiveness, and pliability. Unlined polypropylene closures are also available in white. These caps are autoclavable and are suitable for many dry products.
  • Polypropylene Open-Top Screw Caps

    Bonded Teflon®-Faced Silicone Liners White autoclavable open-top caps have a bonded Teflon-Faced Silicone Liner making them ideal for storage and retrieval of volatile solvents, sensitive compounds and corrosive chemicals. The liners consist of 0.055” of Silicone and 0.005” of Teflon. ?They…
  • Corning Media Storage Caps

    Caps fit Corning media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and spinner flasks with standard GL threads. Standard Plug Seal Caps are autoclavable and use a linerless plug seal design for efficient sealing. Pouring Rings fit on the lips of bottles for drip-free pouring. Autoclavable Vented Caps have a 0.22 µm…
  • Black Phenolic Screw Cap, Autoclavable

    Bellco Glass
    Short skirted screw caps with rubber liners. Autoclavable, black mineral-filled pheonolic resin with white rubber liner Short skirt for use with glass roller bottles

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