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  • Gold Band Funnel-Top Ampules, Pre-Scored, Clear

    …-scored Pre-scored ampules with Gold Band eliminate the need for filling. Made from Wheaon 33 low extractable borosilicate glass (meets USP Type 1 and ASTM Type 1, Class A standards) to prevent change of pH and to maintain the purity of contents. The funnel-top ampule allows not only easier filling…
  • Scienceware® Break-Safe™Ampule Opener

    Bel-Art Products
    Includes 4 inserts to allow opening of 1ml, 2ml, 5ml and 10 ml ampules Open ampules easily and safely Transparency allows unobstructed viewing of ampule contents at all times Copolyester plastic construction has broad chemical resistance Dimensions 9.5L x 7.6W x 8.3cmH (3.75” x…
  • Gold Band Ampules

    Borosilicate glass, USP Type 1, with flat bottom and constricted stem Pre-scored to eliminate the need for filing Stems can be pull-sealed or tip sealed to close the container
  • Ampule 20 ml 88

    Trimmed stem ampule constructed of KIMAX-51 borosilicate glass. Score-Break Lab Package
  • Amber Trimmed Stem Ampule, 2mL

    J.G. Finneran
    Made from Amber USP Type 1 borosilicate glass Recommended for light-sensitive products Pre-scored for easy opening
  • Vacule® Lyophilization Ampule

    Vacules are ideal for small volume lyophilization samples Made from low extractable borosilicate glass that confirms to USP Type I and ASTM E438 Type I, Class A requirements Heat or stopper sealed Stopper seal: use Wheaton stopper W651450
  • m-Endo

    …Escherichia coli 1-year shelf life at 2-8°C m-Endo is available in four forms: Prepared agar plate Broth in PourRite™ glass ampule Broth in plastic ampule Broth in 100 mL bottle
  • Ampule Snapper

    Disposable plastic Fits 1 and 2 mL ampules Aids in breaking open pre-scored glass ampules. Simply slip the snapper over the top of the ampule at the pre-scored portion and snap it. Discard both the ampule and the snapper to prevent cross contamination.

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