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  • Gold Band Ampules

    Borosilicate glass, USP Type 1, with flat bottom and constricted stem Pre-scored to eliminate the need for filing Stems can be pull-sealed or tip sealed to close the container
  • Vacule Ampules

    Made of low extractable borosilicate for freeze drying, protein hydrolysis, micro determination of ketones and amino acids Long stems permit heat-sealing under vacuum Clear, pre-scored for easy opening
  • m-Endo

    …Escherichia coli 1-year shelf life at 2-8°C m-Endo is available in four forms: Prepared agar plate Broth in PourRite™ glass ampule Broth in plastic ampule Broth in 100 mL bottle
  • Ampule Snapper

    Disposable plastic Fits 1 and 2 mL ampules Aids in breaking open pre-scored glass ampules. Simply slip the snapper over the top of the ampule at the pre-scored portion and snap it. Discard both the ampule and the snapper to prevent cross contamination.

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