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  • Hematology Dilution Vials

    Evergreen Scientific
    …cleanliness. Leakproof caps have convenient tabs for easy removal. Foam tray holds 50 dilution vials in a 5 x 10 configuration. Also holds 20, 30 and 50 mL tubes. Vials are available in trays or bulk packed.
  • Novarack Tube Storage Racks

    Diversified Biotech
    Unique cone-shaped storage racks for 0.5 mL to 50 mL tubes Saves space Durable Stores a wide range of tube sizes Uniquely designed to provide versatility and flexibility needed in today’s laboratory. The ergonomic design provides universal housing for test tubes and vials of…
  • EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc
    Hinged flip cap for single-handed opening Chemical-resistant Leakproof Sterile EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes feature a patented closure system that allows one-handed opening and closing without compromising aseptic conditions. Manufactured to exacting tolerance, tubes are both airtight…
  • Snap-Together Conical Tube Rack

    …water baths. Features alphanumeric grid reference aids for tube identification. Shipped flat. Wells for 15 mL tubes measure 17 mm dia; wells for 50 mL tubes measure 28 mm dia.
  • 1-Well Racks

    …sold in pack of 5. Molded circular base ring keeps conical or round-bottom tubes in place. Interlock polypropylene racks to form a line of 50 mL tubes, or use as a single, stand-alone rack. Autoclavable. Assorted colors: one each of blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange. Measure 83 x 70 x 67 mm…
  • Vortex Mixer Vx-200 120V

    …the CombiCup provides a sturdy plastic core surrounded with nonslip TPE. Optional heads accept microplates, microtubes, PCR strip tubes,15 and 50 ml tubes and blood tubes. All heads are friction fit - simply pull up to remove and press down to replace.
  • Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray

    …diameter and two square spaces for containers up to 64 mm diameter. Inserts come with grid pieces for the two square spaces and can store either 4 (50 mL) tubes or 9 (15 mL) tubes depending on set-up. Polystyrene inserts sold in packs of 4 and include 8 polystyrene grid pieces. Inserts are stackable. Insert…
  • Heraeus® Multifuge® X3 Centrifuge Multi-Application Packages

    Thermo Scientific
    …or high-performance, high-capacity Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors 4 L High Throughput Swing-Out and High-Capacity Fixed Angle 40 x 50 mL tubes up to 4,200 rpm/4,122 x g (refrigerated) or 3,800 rpm/ 3,374 x g (ventilated), and 6 x 250 mL tubes up to 10,000 rpm/15,317 x g Package Includes…
  • PV-1 Personal Vortex Mixer

    Grant Instruments
    …personal vortex mixer with a low profile and small footprint for gentle mixing through to vigorous re-suspension of cell or chemical pellets in up to 50 ml tubes. Adjustable speed control: 750 to 3000 rpm ‘Continuous’ or ‘touch’ operation  For tubes up to 28.5 mm diameter, 50ml 2…
  • myBath Series Water Baths

    …design will divert condensation to the front and back of the bath, away from samples. Racks are available to accommodate 1.5/2.0ml, 15ml and 50 ml tubes within the 4L, 8L and 12L baths. The myBath 4L is supplied with all three racks.
  • Rotina 380 / 380 R Centrifuges

    Hettich Instruments
    …processed in these high-performance centrifuges with a max. RCF of 4,863. Should higher speeds be required, angle rotors with a max. RCF of 16.504 for 50 ml tubes are available. Features: Temperature control optional (ROTINA 380R) Versa-Rotor™ for multiple applications (no need to exchange…

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