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  • Tall Form Berzelius Beakers without Spout

    Designed from ASTM E 960 Type III 100 mL size graduated in 10 mL intervals; 200, 300 and 400 mL sizes in 25 mL intervals; 500, 600 and 1,000 mL sizes in 50 mL intervals.
  • Stainless Steel Kjeldahl Flask Carrier

    Sci Labs USA
    …Stainless Steel Spring clamps hold flask necks securely to prevent breakage Flask Carrier holds (6) six Kjeldahl flasks Holds either 300, 500, 650, or 800 ml size flasks
  • Shaker Accessories

    IKA Works
    …(W x D x H): 334 x 425 x 145 mm Weight: 1550 g Thomas No. 8289T12 For various types of vessels with a minimum volume of 50 ml. Ideally more than 250 ml. The clamping rolls may be adjusted to two levels. Dimensions: (W x D x H): 480 x 500 x 120 mm Set-up plate: 420 x 420 mm Weight:…
  • Thomas Vortex Mixer

    Ideal for use with flasks, beakers, microwell plates and a variety of tubes Stable, heavy-duty construction Small footprint Minimal vibration Touch Vortex Mixer Fixed speed mixing at 3200 rpm Simple touch operation Thomas Touch Vortex Mixer provides high speed mixing with one touch operation…

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