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  • Digital Refractometer, Wine Must, WM-7


    Digital accuracy Compact size Push button operation Automatic temperature compensation The Atago Model WM-7 digital refractometer provides the scales used in all wine-making regions of the world in one easy-to-select unit. The user only needs to choose one of the scales by pressing the SELECT…

  • Glyphosate ELISA Kit


    For the detection and quantitation of glyphosate in water, with additional applications (contact us for protocols) in soil, crop, food, and life science, including human urine, human serum, soil, milk, lentils, white beans, soy beans, corn, malt barley, potatoes, rose stems, honey, corn syrup,…

  • Fermtech Wine Auto-Siphons

    Precision designed for smooth operation without leaks Racking tube included Available in Regular and High Capacity sizes Auto-siphon starts a siphon with a single stroke. Unit works in carboys and pails with only a few inches of liquid. Siphon Valve (9884H22-H24) is the most popular…

  • Sulfite in Wine Titrets Kit


    Sulfites have been used for centuries to sanitize and preserve foods. They are used worldwide in the wine industry as antioxidant and antimicrobial agents. However, sulfites have been identified as causative agents in certain allergic reactions suffered by asthmatics. As a result, the FDA and the…

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