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  • Spill Containment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    Protect the bottom of your laboratory cabinets with these containment trays. These trays are commonly manufactured with a 2" containment lip in case of spills. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls…

  • Secondary Containment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    Secondary contaiment is required by OSHA and EPA in chemical storerrooms and should be a part of every lab Chemical Hygiene Program. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls and coved corners for easy…

  • Universal Spill Kit


    Neutralizes acids and bases Color-coded Non-toxic Safe to handle Easy-to-store Easy-to-use Ampho-Mag™ is a rapid response powder that safely adsorbs and treats any spill and produces less heat and spattering than any other neutralizer available. This product can be used on acids,…

  • SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Kits

    EMD Millipore

    Choose from 6 different kits High capacity neutralizers Wall-mountable or portable case Shaker-top containers Neutralization indicated by color change Uses less neutralizer which provides faster cleanups and less expense. Forms into small clumps making clean-up and disposal quicker and…

  • Mercury Spill Kit


    Mercury Spill Kit is designed to handle all stages of cleaning up mercury spills. Kit is designed for one time use only. Kit does not contain any chemicals designed to alter the mercury's toxicity or danger. Recommended for use only by trained personnel. Kit contains: amalgamation powder (270 g),…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Acid/Base Neutralizer Spill Kit; Bucket


    Grab & Go® Neutralizer Spill Kits are packed in a 5 gallon plastic bucket for easy portability & disposal of spill clean-up materials. Contains a quart bottle of both acid & base neutralizers. Bucket is rigid and keeps contents protected. Chemical Classifiers can detect other…

  • Compact Neutralizer Spill Kit


    Acids or bases Portable Visible This compact kit contains everything needed in order to neutralize a small spill involving acids or bases. Kit contains 1 qt. Liquid Acid Neutralizer, 1 qt. Liquid Base Neutralizer, 1 Aqualockit Shaker Bottle, 2 Trigger Sprayers, 1 pair of Nitrile…

  • Baker Spill Kits

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    Prominently identified, quick-action kits containing all necessary materials for dealing with liquid spills in the laboratory Proprietary blends of proper agents for neutralizing or detoxifying, plus inert absorbents, are packaged with necessary scoops and plastic bags for disposal Detailed…

  • PIG® Absorbent Mat Pads

    New Pig

    The #1 Mat in the World delivers the best balance of durability, absorbency and retention. Control everyday leaks and spills across a wide range of liquids and applications. Light-weight. 15" x 20". 200 pads. Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to make…

  • Drum Bogie, Mobile Spill Platform and Drum Accessories

    Eagle Manufacturing Company

    EAGLE Spill Platforms & Pallets are the most flexible and comprehensive spill protection, containment and storage products on the market today. Polyethylene construction for excellent chemical resistance and feature Eagle's patented removable poly grating for easier cleaning. Drum bogie is a…

  • Ampho-Mag™


    Three-way spill control with one product Neutralizes acid or caustic spills Absorbs organic spills Eliminates application of wrong agent Vapor releases nearly eliminated Ampho-Mag™ is an amphoteric compound capable of neutralizing both acidic and basic materials to a safe pH of about…

  • Ultraclean™ Poly-Backed Industrial Laminated Gray Universal Pads

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Ultraclean™ Poly-Backed Industrial Laminated Gray Universal Blue, low-slip poly backing on a premium universal synthetic Gray spun-bond top sheet reduces lint and increases strength High-performance core offers balanced absorption of oil and water Contains SpillLock™, which absorbs 150…

  • BenchGuard™ Matting Roll Dispenser


    BenchGuard™ roll dispenser. BenchGuard and BenchGuard  Extra have highly absorbent upper surfaces that contain  spills and a tough polycoated base to protect your  work surface. Standard BenchGuard absorbs up to 400ml  per square meter, the competition absorbs 274ml or…

  • Trays, High-Density Polyethylene


    High-density polyethylene trays. Heavy trays fabricated with 1/4" thick high density polyethylene. All welded construction. Trays can be customized with spigots and covers which are fabricated to order. Additional sizes and materials available upon request.

  • Spilfyter® Hazmat Pads


    Premium yellow Hazmat Pads are for use where there are aggressive or non-aggressive liquid leaks or spills. Pads are perforated vertically down the center. Pads are yellow as it is widely recognized as the universal “Caution” color.

  • Benchkote Sheet 46x57cm 100/pk

    GE Healthcare

    Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. After use the sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations. Benchkote can be incinerated after use; the polyethylene layer does not melt or drip but is…

  • Hazmat Spills Kits

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Absorb toxic and aggressive chemical spills, including flammable, corrosive and unknown liquids Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents made with 100% polypropylene fiber

  • Baker Spill Control Centers

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    Spill Control Centers Assortment A Consists of one each of 8238A12 Acid Spill Kit, 8238A22 Caustic Spill Kit, 8238A30 Flammable Solvent Spill Kit and spill control manual, in shelved metal cabinet Cabinet can be wall-mounted or set free-standing on bench Overall dimensions 208 x 208 x 660 mm…

  • Low Lint Cleanroom Pads & Pillows


    Low-lint pads keep work areas safe, free from spills as well as liquid and chemical over-run. Low-lint cleanroom products are constructed from premium fine fiber. Hazmat pads are encased in tear-resistant low-lint spunbond material. Note: It is the end user's responsibility to determine if…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Wall Cabinet Spill Kit


    Packed as a portable kit that can also be wall-mounted. Be prepared for spills with chemical spill kits that provide all the supplies necessary to safely clean up oils, acids, caustics, solvents, and toxic spills. Barrier socks contained in Universal Spill Kit are excellent for containment and…

  • Hazmat Spill Cart


    Absorbs up to 135 gallons This 170-gallon Hazmat Spill Cart is designed for indoor and outdoor applications where bulk tanks are present. Dispenser cart is made of heavy-duty, highly durable plastic. Kit remains water-tight when cover is on. Contents include 40 socks (3” x 4’),…

  • Scienceware® Spill Containment Tray, PS

    Bel-Art Products

    For maximum protection, use with Labmat™ sheets, catalog no. 0211G70 Polystyrene tray protects benches from spills. Dimensions: 58cm x 69cm x 12.7mm deep (23" x 27" x 1/2")

  • Yellow Hazmat Truck Kit/Vinyl Zipper Bag Spill Kits

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Compact waterproof bag holds sorbents, gloves and a temporary disposal bag yet fits easily in tight spaces like behind a truck seat or in a toolbox. Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents made with 100% polypropylene fibers Absorb toxic and aggressive chemical spills, including…

  • 5-Gallon Battery Acid Kit

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    5-Gallon Battery Acid Kits Meltblown HazMat Absorb toxic and aggressive chemicals including battery acid, coolants and solvents as well as oil- and water-based fluids Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents to withstand aggressive chemicals Custom-made to any size

  • Meltblown Sonic Bonded Yellow Hazmat Rolls

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Meltblown Sonic Bonded Hazmat Yellow Yellow HazMat a versatile universal sorbent for cleaning up aggressive chemicals A single layer of polypropylene fibers bonded “sonically” together Designed to absorb a wide range of oil and water-based liquids including coolants, solvents and acids …

  • Decontamination Spill Kit


    Kit is designed for the decontamination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and surfaces at hazardous material incidences or waste sites. Solutions don?t require dilution and are phosphate free. Solutions are not for use on skin. Spill Kit contains 1 each of Decon Solution 1, 2, 3, 4…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Universal Mini-Spill Kit


    Provides a quick and easy solution for cleaning small spills. Lightweight, hi-capacity particulate instantly soaks up liquids, which reduces cleanup time and limits liability exposure. Minimizes slip / fall injuries; Eliminates fire hazards Absorbs and solidifies liquids No hazardous Ingredients…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Mini Acid/Base/Alkaline Spill Kit


    This Kit takes up very little space on shelves or table tops. Box has removable perforation to hold contents but keep them visible before use. Components: (1) Quart Bottle Liquid Acid Neutralizer (1) Quart Bottle Liquid Base/Alkaline Neutralizer ( 5) 12” x 12”…

  • Extra Low Lint Cleanroom Pads & Rolls


    Extra-Low-Lint cleanroom products are made with premium Hazmat Sorbents and are encased with an Extra Low Lint heat-pressed material. Extra Low Lint Pads and Rolls provide for a 100% lint-free cleanroom where airborne particles are prohibited.

  • Oil-Only 5-Gallon Spill Kits

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Keep these compact kits handy to clean up minor spills or to add extra support for larger kits, indoors or out. Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents made with 100% polypropylene fibers Absorb oil-based spills and repel water-based liquids Features Gloves and goggles…

  • Grab & Go® Liquid Formula Acid Neutralizer Spill Kit


    Liquid formula Grab & Go® dry acid spill kit is a convenient option for a quick response to many spills. Kit is packed in a 5 gallon plastic bucket for easy portability and disposal of spill clean-up materials. Kit contains 3 Hazmat socks (3” x 4’), 1 gallon KOLOR-SAFE® liquid…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Odorous Liquids Spill Kit


    Odor eliminating sorbent. Safe and easy to use, quickly and easily absorbs fluid accidents and other odorous liquids. Comes packed in a convenient shaker carton. Absorbs up to 10 times its own weight. Environmentally safe and fast acting on vomitus liquids and bodily fluids. Works on all surfaces. …

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