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  • Calibration Fluid

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Production facilities throughout the World rely on refractometers and polarimeters for quantity and quality control. No matter what the make or type of instrument, results are only as good as the calibration regime behind the measurement. GLP dictates that instruments should be kept in good working…

  • PAL Pocket Refractometers


    Lightweight, inexpensive instrument with excellent accuracy Wide Brix measurement range Fast, 3-second response Automatic Temperature Compensation Waterproof (IP65) protection Easily measures Brix value of liquids from only two drops of sample with the same accuracy as…

  • Palette Series Digital Refractometers


    Offer improved measurement accuracy Up to 3 different programmable scales Sample temperature measurement can be displayed Two year warranty Palette refractometers are compact battery operated instruments that can display the measured values of samples quickly with one touch of…

  • Master Series Hand-Held Refractometers


    IP65 water-resistant properties Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Analog Easy-to-read The Master-α offers smooth sampling with easy disposal of sample from the edge. It features a streamlined body and the textured rubber grip makes it easy to handle and guards against…

  • LiquiPhysics™ Excellence Benchtop Refractometers

    Mettler Toledo

    Many more possibilities Our digital bench top refractometers offer many more possibilities than ordinary digital refractometers, and are the best choice for a wide range of applications from routine Brix measurements at 20°C to refractive index determinations of bitumen at 100°C. …

  • Automatic Digital Refractometers


    RX-5000 AND RX-5000α Sophisticated yet easy to use Genuine sapphire prism Large display screen Multiple scales Measures in Refractive Index, Brix or one of five user set scales. Unit is fully programmable through any standard PC. Programming allows for multi-level…

  • Waterproof Digital Refractometer, Brix

    Sper Scientific

    Housed in a protective rubberized IP65 Waterproof case to safeguard the electronics from wet environments and makes for easy clean ups. Measure samples as small as 1 ml, in the field with laboratory accuracy. Sample temperature is initially displayed on the large LCD followed by the measurement…

  • Master RI Refractometer


    Master-RI is refractive-index model of the Master-Series. Measurement range is RI 1.435 to 1.520 Master-RI can be used for measuring the refractive index of vegetable oil, petroleum, oil slicks, etc

  • Abbe Refractometer

    Vee Gee Scientific

    The VEE GEE Model C10 Abbe Refractometer is an excellent instrument for the Refractive Index (nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, & film. Easy to Use Operation consists of placing a sample on the prism; while looking through the eyepiece, the control knob is turned until the…

  • Abbe 5 Refractometer

    Bellingham & Stanley

    The Abbe 5 is an affordable refractometer ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low. The instrument is also ideal for practical demonstrations and experiments in…

  • AR 200 Digital Hand Held Refractometer

    Benchtop precision and accuracy in a portable instrument Automatic Temperature Equilibration Automatic Temperature Compensation Multi-Point calibration User programmable scales CE Approved State-of-the-art Leica AR 200 portable automatic digital regractometer measures…

  • SMART-1 Automatic Refractometer


    Wide measurement range Automatic Temperature Compensation function RS232C Interface The SMART-1 is an automatic refractometer with a wide measurement range. It can handle a wide range of low-concentration samples such as soup, medium-concentration samples such as sauce or ketchup and…

  • Refractometer Calibration Supplies

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    Refractometer Replacement Parts Verify product specifications Save money on raw materials Like any analytical instrument, refractometer’s must be checked against standard materials and recalibrated when necessary. To calibrate Abbe hand held refractometer’s, select a test glass as…

  • NAR-1T SOLID Abbe Refractometer


    NEW Abbe Refractometer for solid sample measurement (it can also be used to measure liquid samples), the NAR-1T SOLID was launched. It has the Refractive Index Scale and the BRIX scale, and it comes with D line (589nm) light source. Measurement range: Refractive index (nD) 1.3000 to…

  • RX-5000i Digital Refractometers


    Digital Bench-top Refractometers are designed to be highly accurate and provide reliable measurements while facilitating a simple measurement method for the operator. When compared to analog and Abbe Refractometers, the large digital readout makes reading the measurement value faster and easier. …

  • Digital Pocket Refractometer PAL-Bx/Ri


    Digital hand-held pocket refractometer, type PAL-Bx/Ri has/measures: A dual scale Refractive Index (Nd) 1.3306-1.5284 and Brix 0.0-93.0% Automatic accuracy +/- 0.0003 And +/-0.1% Brix Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Ambient temperature 4-45°C IP 65 Water-resistant

  • Pocket Digital Refractometers

    Sper Scientific

    Measure concentrations in brix, salinity and a wide variety of other parameters in the field with laboratory accuracy. As small, light and simple to use as optical refractometers, but with the precision of a digital readout. Reads samples as small as 1 ml. Sample temperature is initially displayed…

  • Programmable Refractometer

    Sper Scientific

    Reads samples as small as 0.4 ml with full scale accuracy of ±0.2% using CCD scanner (= linear scanned array imaging) technology Automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation and automatic shutoff Measurement results, unit of measure and sample temperature are all displayed on the…

  • Pal-Ri Refractometer


    Continuous measurement display IP65 protection Digital The hand-held PAL-RI refractometer provides a continuous display of the refractive index (resolution 0.0001) and temperature (°C) readings. Unit provides IP65 protection against dust and water.

  • Protein / Specific Gravity Refractometer

    LW Scientific

    Achieve accurate, quantitative measurements of specific gravity and protein determinations in bodily fluids with our hand-held refractometer. Simply read the numerical scales through the eyepiece. Rubber grip and optical focus system allow for easy viewing in any environment. Automatic temperature…

  • Master-M Series Refractometers


    The Master-M is for when water resistance is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually. These refractors are not equipped with the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature. Master-2M is the mid-range measurement model of the Master-T series. Measurement range…

  • Refractometer Pen-Pro Digital


    The PEN-PRO has a measurement range of Brix 0.0 to 85.0% which can be used to measure almost any sample. There are 2 ways to measure with the PEN-PRO: either place the tip into the sample and press the START key or press START and touch the tip into the sample.

  • Portable Refractometers

    Sper Scientific

    Sper Scientific portable refractometers work in ambient light with no battery or other power source necessary. They can be used in labs, on production lines, in the field, or anywhere. Simply place a drop or two of sample on the prism and read the results immediately. With reasonable care their…

  • Calibration Oils

    Reichert Technologies

    Specially formulated laser liquid calibration oils that are supplied with an NIST certification of traceability. These oils are formulated, measured, and certified to five significant places of refractive index (0.00001).

  • MASTER-S/Mill (alpha) Hand-Held Salinity Refractometer, Automatic Temperature…


    Handheld portable refractometer for salinity (0 to 100%) and specific gravity (1.000 to 1.070 ATC) measurement of seawater used in rinsing seafood or salt in cooking Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for immediate and accurate readings, regardless of ambient temperature Unit displays…

  • Pal-Maple Pocket Refractometer


    The PAL-maple has a wide brix range (0-85%) and Automatic Temperature Compensation. Designed with a water resistant feature, the PAL-maple can be washed under running water.

  • OPTi+ Refractometers

    Bellingham & Stanley

    OPTi+ hand held refractometers extend the measuring range of the successful half Brix OPTi launched in 2011. Covering the complete Brix range, a number of scale derivatives are available making the OPTi+ a perfect instrument for a wide range of applications whether measurement is required in the…

  • RFM700-M Refractometers

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Refractometers for Food and Beverage Applications RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can also be used in many other non-food applications where temperature control is not…

  • Calibration Oil

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Calibration Oils are one of the most commonly used materials for calibrating refractometers as they have good traceability, particularly to NIST. Having a high temperature co-efficient, calibration oils are used where strict temperature control is adopted, either by Peltier or external waterbath…

  • RFM300-T Refractometers

    Bellingham & Stanley

    The RFM300-T Series is Bellingham + Stanley’s latest release in a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and a new 7" touch-screen user interface, the RFM300-T Series is ideally suited for use in demanding…

  • Digital Brix Refractometers

    Milwaukee Instruments

    The MA871 is an optical instrument that employs the measurement of refractive index to determine the % Brix of sugar in aqueous solutions. The method is both simple and quick. Samples are measured after a simple user calibration with steam distilled water (starter bottle provided with your…

  • Laboratory Digital Refractometers

    Sper Scientific

    Measures concentrations in Brix, salinity, refractive index and clinical parameters Full scale accuracy of ±0.2% using CCD scanner (= linear scanned array imaging) technology Reads samples as small as 0.4 ml Measurement results, unit of measure and sample temperature are all displayed on the…

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