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Ovens Microwave Ovens

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  • General-Purpose Microwave Oven

    Argos Technologies

  • Precision Pulsed 1000 W Laboratory Microwave Oven


    Procedures such as fixation, slide staining, dehydration, drying, digestions, etc. are easily accomplished Dramatically reduces processing times Manifold holds up to 5 mixing tubes Glass fiber reinforced silicone floor Adjustable temperature probe holder The EMS-820 has…

  • W-1900 Continuous System 220-240V


    The continuous 1000W microwave emission enables consistent digestion for a set time, with constant power and real time temperature measuring. Interlocking door, fume exhaust and a PTFE coated cavity assure safety. Easy to use system includes intelligent programming with pre-installed EPA methods.…

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