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  • Thomas Traceable Conductivity Calibration Standards


    Sixteen ounces of liquid for frequent calibration needs Highest accuracy available Units labeled (micromhos/millisiemens, ohms, parts per million/TDS) Includes step-by-step calibration instructions and temperature chart 100% compatible with all makes of equipment …

  • Star™ A211 pH Benchtop Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Thermo Scientific Orion Star A211 pH benchtop meters are easy to use, dependable laboratory meters with advanced features and functions. Selectable read modes and stability indicator give you flexibility and control over your testing. All critical data is shown with your measurements including…

  • pH 700 Benchtop Meter


    Compact footprint is over 40% smaller than other benchtop meters Large display permits easier readout viewing Datalogging allows you to store and recall up to 100 data sets The easy-to-use, microprocessor-based pH 700 benchtop meter measures pH, mV, relative mV, and temperature. The…

  • Thomas One-Shot Traceable Conductivity Standards


    Traceable to NIST standards Accuracy: ±0.25% 100% compatible with all makes of equipment For use in the lab and the field Single-use standards eliminate concerns about external container contamination. Each container is labeled for calibrating conductivity…

  • Dual Star™ pH, ISE, mV, ORP and Temperature Dual Channel Benchtop Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Double your measurement capabilities with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Dual Star™ pH and ISE Benchtop Meter and record accurate and reliable pH, ion concentration, mV, ORP and temperature measurements on two available meter channels, ideal for high throughput pH and ion analysis…

  • pH/CON 700 Benchtop Meter


    Easily toggle between pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, and temperature measurements at the touch of a button Space-saving design takes up less room on the bench than other meters Large display lets you see your measurements from across the lab Conductivity and TDS autoranging chooses the best…

  • MicroSpek™ DSM Cell Density Meters

    Laxco Inc.

    The DSM Series of instruments are designed to provide researchers with high accuracy cell density measurements. These measurements are important to many diverse fields in the life sciences, from hematology to cancer research, from infectious disease studies to monitoring algae in bio-fuels…

  • FiveEasy Plus pH Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    5 good reasons for choosing FiveEasy Plus™ conductivity. Outstanding functions such as up to 99 data storage, RS232 interface, additional TDS and salinity measuring mode as well as a self-test are combined with useful features such as automated endpoint recognition, automatic…

  • Bench-Top pH/mV Meter

    Sper Scientific

    Rugged housing with large LCD displaying the parameter being measured together with time, date and temperature (in ºC or ºF). Automatic or manual temperature compensation Automatic or manual ranging Automatic buffer recognition Digital and analog outputs Min/Max and 99 data points …

  • Self-Stirring BOD Probes


    Replaceable cap membrane Removable stirring mechanism Interchangeable design Simplifies measurement operations Use with standard 300 mL BOD bottles; no need for external stirring devices. Improved membrane life assures measurement consistency and speeds maintenance. Probe accuracy…

  • pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/Salinity Meter


    Large LCD built into adjustable "flip-up" cover displays measurement and Temperature simultaneously Microprocessor based with splash proof housing and front panel tactile touch pad to slope and calibrate Rugged design for handheld or benchtop use; neckstrap for…

  • 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter


    Meets EPA Method 180.1 Single-standard RapidCal™ calibration offers the simplest solution for low-level measurements Single-step verification and on-screen assisted calibration eliminates the need to reference complicated manuals Optional USB module enables simple data transfer. All data…

  • pH Pens

    Sper Scientific

    Highly stable and accurate readings with large LCD display Designed for simple one-hand operation Automatically calibrates to pH 4, 7, 10 buffers and can be adjusted to recognize non-standard buffers as well Features hold function and auto power  

  • Star A111 pH Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy. A large LCD displays pH or mV readings along with temperature. Icons provide quick updates on battery life, electrode status and calibration information. Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with…

  • Waterproof pH Spear


    The Oakton Waterproof pH Spear is designed for semi-solid food applications - Tough spear tip glass and open pore sensor ensures stable and accurate readings of 0.01 pH Large Display Screen - dual display LCD for enhanced readability, provides comprehensive meter information Waterproof,…

  • Waterproof pH Testers


    Features three-point push button calibration High accuracy ATC Self-diagnostic messaging Non-volatile memory Double-junction polymer sensor Three waterproof pHTestr® models provide highly accurate measurements over a range of -1.0 to 15.0 pH. Large dual-display LCD offers enhanced…

  • Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen Portable Multiparameter Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    The Thermo Scientific Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/Dissolved Oxygen Portable Meter is the top choice for advanced multiparameter measurements on location. Get the information you need quickly and easily from the large, backlit graphic LCD display. Informative display can show each…

  • Portable pH Meters


    Designed for deep water measurements Auto shut-off Large LCD with back light Meter measures pH and temperature up to 100 feet and has replaceable pH sensor with waterproof connector. Water-tight case withstands the rigors of field use, and a built-in storage chamber protects the…

  • 2020we and 2020wi Portable Turbidity Meters


    Your clear choice for turbidity measurement in the field or in the lab. New waterproof version is ideal for field or lab use. The unit is rated IP67 and features lithium rechargeable batteries, a backlit display, USB port and seven language options. The 2020we complies with the EPA 180.1 standard…

  • Portable pH Meter with Temperature

    Sper Scientific

    Advanced pH Meter Reads either pH (in 0.01 resolution) or mV in large digits, with time, date, and temperature (in ºC or ºF) shown simultaneously on the lower display. Also indicates stable reading, low battery and displays calibration data. Scroll 99 data points with time stamps and min/max…

  • Waterproof Multi-Parameter Testers


    PCSTestr™ 35, PCTestr™ 35 and PTTestr™ 35 Mutiple measurements in one instrument Displays measured value along with temperature — simply press a key to toggle between pH, conductivity, TDS, and salinity where applicable Waterproof, dustproof housings float …

  • DEN-1 and DEN-1B Densitometers

    Grant Instruments

    Compact and efficient benchtop densitometers for measuring turbidity of cell suspensions in a variety of life science applications. The densitometers are designed and factory calibrated to measure turbidity in the range of 0.3 to 5.0 McFarland units (DEN-1) 0.00 to 6.00 McFarland units…

  • PosiTector® Coating Thickness Gages


    All Gages Feature: Simple Ready to measure—no calibration adjustment required for most applications Enhanced one-handed menu navigation Flashing display—ideal in a noisy environment RESET feature instantly restores factory settings Durable Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust…

  • Laser Tachometer

    LW Scientific

    Test your centrifuge for accuracy using the LW Scientific handheld digital tachometer. Be certain that you are spinning fluids at the correct CLIA recommended speeds. How do you know your variable speed centrifuge is spinning urines at 400 g’s? Spinning too slowly may give inadequate…

  • Densito 30PX

    Mettler Toledo

    Automatic temperature compensation Controllable sampling speed Easy to operate Helps fulfill GLP regulations Portable densitometer delivers highly accurate results quickly. Density can be displayed in g/cm 3 , lb/gal (US) and lb/gal (IP). Clearly visible measurement cell reduces…

  • 65 mm Industrial Flowmeters With Standard Valve


    Measure liquids and gasses with precision Supplied with a 4-turn interchangeable metering valve Lens magnifier (1.5x) makes scales easy to read This scale series has a precision glass metering tube, glass and stainless steel floats. “Unitized” tube holder allows for…

  • SevenGo Duo™ pH/Conductivity Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    SevenGo Duo™ combines user-friendliness, quality and reliable measurements. The meter is designed so a single keystroke triggers a calibration/ measurement and allows accessing stored results or system settings. The kit versions are also well suited for outdoor use or use in the production…

  • CON 700 Benchtop Meter


    An affordable way to take consistent, accurate conductivity measurements in your laboratory Compact size frees up bench space Large brightly lit display allows for easy reading of measured values Easily toggle between conductivity and TDS at the touch of a button! CON 700…

  • EcoSense pH100A pH/ORP/mV/Temperature Meters


    The EcoSense® line of compact, handheld instruments provides the most accurate data in the most affordable format. The instruments feature an easy-to-use interface, one-hand operation, IP67 waterproof case, and low cost of ownership over the life of the product. The pH100A measures pH, mV/ORP…

  • Conductivity Solutions


    Potassium chloride solutions TDS values are based on a 0.7 conversion from conductivity. Solutions can be used to standardize conductivity meters.

  • VERSA STAR™ pH Benchtop Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Get high accuracy, premium performance and ultimate flexibility with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Versa Star Benchtop Meter with pH Module. Meet your most challenging applications for pH, mV, ORP and temperature. Easily view measurements on the stunning color display and customize the…

  • Conductivity, pH, mV, Temperature Kit


    7-in-1 Meter with Lab-Quality Performance Measures Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, pH, mV and Temperature Waterproof housing (meets IP57) Automatic one button pH calibration (4, 7, and 10pH) Choice of 3 point pH calibration for better accuracy One point Conductivity calibration…

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