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  • Silent Screen Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $142.72 Allows incubation, filtration, immobilization, precipitation and filtrate collection in such applications as: Nucleic Acid Dot Blot Assays Immuno Dot Blot Assays Receptor binding assays Drug screening Solid phase…

  • Gelmaster Gel Dryer Vacuum System


    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $2550.00 Efficient, two-pump vacuum system for use with gel dryers Dries fast without cracking or distortion Eliminates need for cold traps High condensed vapor capicity Cooling fan: 218 CFM Consists of a room temperature…

  • Flask Magnetic Separator


    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $191.18 A magnetic separation unit containing 24 permanent rare earth magnets embedded in a plastic housing and designed to separate magnetic particles in tissue culture flasks. * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional units…

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