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  • Products (134)
  • Solvent Inlet Filters

    Thermo Scientific
    For HPLC Systems Stainless steel 10µm inlet filters for longer lifetime No tools required for replacement Bottom-of-the-Bottle solvent filters: Efficient draw 100% PTFE polymer, including 2µm filter Built-in helium sparge port and frit
  • Solvent Filters for G1311/12/54A Pumps

    Agilent Technologies
    Unfiltered solvents or solvents contaminated with microbial growth can clog solvent inlet filters, reducing the lifetime of the filter and impacting pump performance. Remember to clean or replace the solvent inlet filters at least once every 3 months.
  • Deuterium Lamps

    2000+ hour long life Consistent intensity over time High signal stability
  • ProteCol® Unions

    Precision engineered for Capillary LC, ProteCol Unions offer complete versatility for connecting a range of capillary tubing. Manufactured to exacting tolerances and available in PEEK and stainless steel, the zero dead volume design provides faultless butt connections.

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