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  • Porcelain Crucibles, Tall Form with Lid

    United Scientific Supplies
    Tall form crucibles include lids. Crucibles are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the outside bottom and rim. Important properties of United porcelainware include: Thermal Shock Resistance - average coefficient of expansion from 20° C to 200° C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually…
  • Crucible Holder

    For 25 mL porcelain Gooch crucibles A combination rubber stopper and crucible holder with glass funnel insert Dimensions 57 mm length, tapered from 38 mm diameter at top to 22 mm diameter at bottom; length of tapered portion 35 mm Fits 4948F21 and 4948H23 series Filter Flasks, 125 to…
  • Alumina Crucibles

    Choose from high form, conical and cylindrical 99.8% Al2O3 Withstands temperatures up to 1,750°C Uses covers Useful for determinations involving molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, tungsten, tantalum and iridium.
  • Standard Shape Platinum Crucibles

    KPL Scientific
    Standard shape crucible made from 99.95% pure Platinum and Platinum alloys are manufactured to endure harsh use with their thicker base and lighter wall construction.
  • Bitumen Crucible, 28ml

    Bitumen, with perforated bottom, glazed inside and out except for outside bottom surface and rim. Used for similar applications as Gooch crucibles.
  • Quartz Glass Crucibles

    United Scientific Supplies
    Clear quartz glass crucibles are useful for analytical applications that require ashing of samples. Can withstand a continous operating temperature of 1050°C. Lids for Clear quartz glass crucibles can withstand a continous operating temperature of 1050°C.
  • Borosilicate Glass Filter Crucibles

    Fused, fritted glass disc Polished ends Pore size: coarse, 40-60 ?m, medium, 10-15 ?m, fine 4-5.5 ?m 30 mL disc diameter: 30 mm; fits tube i.d. 36 mm, 50 mL disc diameter: 40 mm; fits tube i.d. 42 mm.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Crucible

    Sci Labs USA
    Made From ASTM Standard (899-94) Series 400 Stainless Steel Heavy-duty crucibles are designed for high-temperature applications Made from one-piece sheet steel Especially alkali and peroxide fusions Low-form Cover sold separately Can withstand temperatures up to 650°C…
  • Porous Discs

    CoorsTek Porous Ware easily incorporates into many chemical processing, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and electronic applications. Its reliability results from years of experience, advancement, and refinement of manufacturing techniques. In chemical filtration, CoorsTek Porous Ware can separate…
  • Thomas Graphite Crucibles

    Withstand temperatures up to 2700° F Without covers
  • Nickel Crucibles

    Nickel crucibles constructed from pure heavy sheet nickel. They are suitable for fusions, including those with sodium peroxide, and are highly resistant to dilute alkalies. Flat-style nickel crucible covers with depression in center for centering on crucibles. Extension on one side for handle.
  • Crucible, Rose 75ml

    The unglazed porcelain rose style crucible eliminates the possibility of a reaction between the sample contents and a (glazed) coating. Material: Porcelain ceramic Thermally shock-resistant Maximum temperature for use: 1400°C

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