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  • ProteCol® C18 G Reverse Phase HPLC Columns


    Turn imagination into results with the ProteCol™ range of HPLC columns. With Reverse Phase, Normal Phase and Specialty Phases, ProteCol ensures you have the right phase for your separation needs. With the option of combining inert PEEK coated hardware or traditional stainless steel with each…

  • Sequant® Zic®-Chilic (3mm,100Å) HPLC Columns

    EMD Millipore

    Particle Size: 3 µm Pore Size: 100 Å

  • Ion-Exchange WAX Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    SMT-WAX columns are silica-based Weak Anion eXchange packing materials developed for separation of anionic compounds. SMT-WAX consists of chemically attached hydrophilic surface derivatized to form polyethyleneimine functionality. The technique of SAM is used in the bonding process to significantly…

  • Specialty Chiral 1 Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    Chiral compounds, or enantiomers have identical molecular structures that are related as mirror images of one another much like a left hand is related to a right hand. Rapid and accurate stereochemical resolution of enantiomeric molecules has become a challenge in various aspects of pharmaceuticals…

  • LiChrospher® 100 RP-18 Endcapped (5µm) LiChroCART® 125-4 HPLC Cartridge

    EMD Scientific

    LiChrospher® RP-18 endcapped is a reliable and versatile traditionally produced spherical silica gel carrier with C-18 endcapped reversed phase properties. It is well suited for the separation of neutral, acidic and weak basic compounds. This sorbent is packed into a LiChroCART® 125-4 HPLC…

  • Accucore C18 HPLC Columns, 2.6µm particle size

    Thermo Scientific

    Accucore C18 columns offer optimum retention for non-polar compounds and separation of a broad range of analytes. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations – without the elevated backpressures required by sub-2µm particles. Fast…

  • Partisil™ Si HPLC Column


    Synonym: Partisil™ HPLC Column eCl@ss 32110501

  • Kromasil® C18 HPLC Columns


    Legal Information: Kromasil is a registered trademark of EKA Chemicals AB

  • Nucleosil Reversed-Phase Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Nucleosil is a spherical porous “sil-gel” type silica packing material from Machery/Nagel. Agilent packs Nucleosil columns using tight ISO-regulated production control procedures to guarantee consistent quality. Nucleosil 100-5, C18 is used for non-polar to moderately polar compounds in…

  • ZORBAX Eclipse XDB Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB columns – C18, C8, Phenyl and CN – provide four bonded phase choices for method development optimization. These columns provide good peak shape over a wide pH range (2-9) for additional method development flexibility with one family of columns. Eclipse XDB…

  • PRP-X200 Cation Exchange Columns


    Hamilton PRP-X200 cation exchange HPLC columns are designed for rapid, high resolution separation of alkali and alkaline earth metals. The alkali metals and ammonium are completely resolved in less than five minutes, and the alkaline earth cations separate in under four minutes. Since the mobile…

  • ZORBAX Carbohydrate Analysis Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Reproducible - each lot of this application specific aminopropyl column packing material is use-tested for specific monosaccharide and disaccharide separations Efficient - uses ZORBAX porous silica microsphere technology. Silica manufacturing, bonding and packing are all performed in Agilent's…

  • Symmetry® C18 Columns


    Symmetry C18 columns feature monofunctionally bonded C18 ligands on a high purity base-deactived silica. Symmetry columns have the tightest column specifications in the industry giving resulting highly reproducible chromatographic results.

  • Bakerbond® HPLC Columns

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    BAKERBOND phases are synthesized using tri-functional silane synthesis chemistry to provide increased resistance to hydrolysis, greater stability at pH extremes, and reduced silanol interactions for higher recoveries and less “tailing”. JT Baker HPLC columns are individually tested and…

  • PRP-C18 HPLC Columns


    High efficiency separations at any pH The Hamilton PRP-C18 is a new HPLC column designed to provide high-efficiency, reversed-phase separations over an extended column life in nearly any mobile phase or pH. The rigid stationary phase has excellent mechanical and thermal stability (>…

  • ZORBAX 80 Stablebond

    Agilent Technologies

    RR: Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm RRHT: Rapid Resolution HT 1.8 µm

  • Discovery® RP-AmideC16 HPLC Column 5 µm particle size, L × I.D. 25 cm × 4.6 mm


    eCl@ss 32110501 Features and Benefits Excellent retention and resolution of polar compounds Unique selectivity compared to C18 Excellent peak shape and efficiency Less hydrophobic than C18 columns Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases Legal Information …

  • Chilling/Heating HPLC Column Oven

    Torrey Pines Scientific

    Capacity for four columns (30 cm x 1") Digitally controllable to 0.1°C PID temperature control Convection chilling and heating for even chamber temperature Temperature range from 4 to 70°C RS232 port for programming ramp and soak cycles, remote control and data…

  • Acclaim Mixed-Mode Wax

    Thermo Scientific

    Protect your analytical HPLC column from damage caused by sample debris and interfering substances. It's the economical way to extend the lifetime of your analytical column with minimal impact on performance. Use Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Mixed-Mode WAX-1 Guard Columns with…

  • Normal Phase Silica Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    When silica is used as the stationary phase, the functional groups involved in separation are the surface silanols. However, metal impurities in silica may provide additional sites of interaction for solutes of interest. SMT uses high purity silica packing materials that are available in variety of…

  • XTerra® Shield RP18 Columns


    XTerra RP18 columns are general purpose, hybrid-based, reversed-phase C18 columns that incorporate Waters patented embedded polar group technology to improve peak shape performance for highly basic compounds. These first generation columns provide superior pH stability compared to a silica-based column.

  • Elite Series Reversed-Phase C18 Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    Elite-C18 Series: SMT SAM-C18 phases with the intermediate functional ligand coverage confirmed with carbon analysis results of 16% carbon load. In these series, the density of the functional ligand, octadecyl molecule or C18, is moderated with the proprietary spacer molecule to ensure maximum…

  • ZORBAX Original Reversed Phase Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Original ZORBAX columns are made with Type A silica and are useful for many applications of acidic or neutral compounds. These columns have a higher activity level and are therefore useful for separating isomers (e.g. cis-trans, geometric) or other compounds where silanol activity enhances…

  • Accucore* C18 Defender* Guard Cartridges

    Thermo Scientific

    Accucore C18 Defender Guard Cartridges offer easy, economical protection of the main column with minimized impact on retention or efficiency. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Thermo Scientific Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations - without the elevated backpressures required…

  • ZORBAX Cn Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Cyanopropyldimethylsilane monolayer bonded to ZORBAX SIL Equilibrates more rapidly than ZORBAX SIL, and used for many of the same normal-phase applications Less prone to fouling and less water sensitive than silica *These columns ship containing reversed phase solvents. Flush with…

  • SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC (5µm,200Å) PEEK 150 x 4.6 mm

    EMD Millipore

    Metal-free HPLC column SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC is the ideal choice for separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds. The high-performance, truly zwitterionic stationary phase, ensures reproductible retention of all types of compounds that have poor retention and are difficult to separate…

  • ZORBAX 300 Stablebond

    Agilent Technologies

    RR: Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm

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