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  • ZORBAX Eclipse XDB Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB columns – C18, C8, Phenyl and CN – provide four bonded phase choices for method development optimization. These columns provide good peak shape over a wide pH range (2-9) for additional method development flexibility with one family of columns. Eclipse XDB…

  • Chilling/Heating HPLC Column Oven

    Torrey Pines Scientific

    Capacity for four columns (30 cm x 1") Digitally controllable to 0.1°C PID temperature control Convection chilling and heating for even chamber temperature Temperature range from 4 to 70°C RS232 port for programming ramp and soak cycles, remote control and data…

  • SEC/GPC Columns

    Separation Methods Technologies

    SMTgel (silica-based) columns are specialty SMT columns designed for specific applications including gel permeation (GPC), ion exchange, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, hydrophilic interaction, and affinity chromatography. The packing materials feature modified surface chemistry…

  • PRP-C18 HPLC Columns


    High efficiency separations at any pH The Hamilton PRP-C18 is a new HPLC column designed to provide high-efficiency, reversed-phase separations over an extended column life in nearly any mobile phase or pH. The rigid stationary phase has excellent mechanical and thermal stability (>…

  • LiChrospher® 100 RP-18 (5 µm) LiChroCART® 250-4


    LiChrospher® RP-18 is a reliable and versatile traditionally produced spherical silica gel carrier with C-18 reversed phase properties. It is well suited for the separation of neutral, acidic and weak basic compounds. This  sorbent is packed into a LiChroCART® 250-4 HPLC cartridge. The…

  • ZORBAX Gf-250 and Gf-450gel Filtration Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    High efficiency and reproducibility with short analysis time Hydrophilic diol bonded phase for good protein recovery Compatible with organic modifiers and denaturants Wide usable pH range (pH 3-8) ZORBAX GF-250 and GF-450 size exclusion (gel filtration) columns are ideal…

  • Ultron Chiral Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Direct racemic separations without derivatization Use Ultron ES-OVM to separate enantiomers of pharmaceuticals, such as hexobarbital, ibuprofen, and profenamine Ultron ES-Pepsin Chiral columns are best suited to separate basic compounds that are difficult to separate by other columns …

  • SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC (5µm,200Å) PEEK 150 x 4.6 mm


    Metal-free HPLC column SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC is the ideal choice for separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds. The high-performance, truly zwitterionic stationary phase, ensures reproductible retention of all types of compounds that have poor retention and are difficult to separate…

  • Amino Acid Standards

    Agilent Technologies

    *Consider shelf-life and buy limited quantities, 2714H95 ships as 1 g vials

  • Amino 120A 3um Column


  • manu-CART® NT Cartridge Holder


    manu-CART® NT cartridge holder for 2, 3, 4 and 4.6 mm i.d. LiChroCART® cartridges

  • ZORBAX Rx-C8

    Agilent Technologies

    Rx-C8 is the same product as SB-C8 *RR: Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm

  • Purospher Reversed-Phase Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    An ultrapure spherical silica support, deactivated by an efficient bonding process, makes Purospher an excellent packing for basic compounds. Multistep bonding and deactivating processes provide high surface coverage, blocking residual silanol groups and reducing peak tailing.



    eCl@ss 32110501 General Description A general purpose hydrophobic alkyl phase that is very retentive and gives good peak shape for a wide variety of compounds. Legal Information SUPELCOSIL is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

  • Kromasil® C18 HPLC Columns


    Legal Information: Kromasil is a registered trademark of EKA Chemicals AB



    SUPELCOSIL LC-DB phases are specially deactivated for basic compounds. These columns provide shorter retention, better peak shape, and higher efficiency for organic bases than can be obtained on other Type A silica reversed-phase columns. Legal Information SUPELCOSIL is a trademark of…

  • ZORBAX Rapid Resolution 3.5 m Eclipse Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Reduce analysis time and solvent usage and increase sample throughput High efficiency in short and ultra-short column lengths Available in analytical (4.6 mm) and narrow-bore (2.1 mm) ID Comparable lifetime to 5 µm columns Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution columns, with a 3.5 µm particle size,…

  • Purospher® STAR RP-18 Endcapped LiChroCART® HPLC Cartridges


    Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped is the best choice for HPLC separation of basic, neutral, metal chelating samples or indeed any other format. Its outstanding performance and stability, allows a maximum flexibility in method development. Robust methods can be developed across the entire pH…

  • ZORBAX Carbohydrate Analysis Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Reproducible - each lot of this application specific aminopropyl column packing material is use-tested for specific monosaccharide and disaccharide separations Efficient - uses ZORBAX porous silica microsphere technology. Silica manufacturing, bonding and packing are all performed in Agilent's…

  • ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Throughput 1.8 M Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    High pressure (600 bar) columns for ultra high speed or maximum resolution analyses with Rapid Resolution HT columns packed with totally porous, 1.8 µm packings Carefully engineered particles deliver maximum resolution at 25% less pressure than other sub 2-micron materials Reduce…

  • ZORBAX Eclipse Plus

    Agilent Technologies

    ZORBAX Eclipse Plus HPLC columns are the ideal first choice for method development of all samples. Available in C18, C8, Phenyl Hexyl and PAH.

  • Kromasil® AmyCoat® Chiral HPLC Column 5 µm particle size, L × I.D. 250 mm × 4.6…


    Legal Information AmyCoat is a registered trademark of EKA Chemicals AB Kromasil is a registered trademark of EKA Chemicals AB

  • ZORBAX Original Reversed Phase Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Original ZORBAX columns are made with Type A silica and are useful for many applications of acidic or neutral compounds. These columns have a higher activity level and are therefore useful for separating isomers (e.g. cis-trans, geometric) or other compounds where silanol activity enhances…

  • ZORBAX Rx-C18

    Agilent Technologies

    Rx-C18 is recommended for alternate selectivity at low pH relative to Eclipse XDB-C18 and StableBond SB-C18; for higher temperature applications, StableBond is recommended. This column has a higher carbon load than SB-C18 columns (12% vs. 10%) Rx-C18 offers high stability and good peak shape…

  • Accucore PhenylHexyl HPLC Columns, 2.6µm particle size

    Thermo Scientific

    Accucore PhenylHexyl columns offer unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations - without the elevated backpressures required by sub-2µm particles. Fast separations with…

  • Nucleosil Reversed-Phase Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Nucleosil is a spherical porous “sil-gel” type silica packing material from Machery/Nagel. Agilent packs Nucleosil columns using tight ISO-regulated production control procedures to guarantee consistent quality. Nucleosil 100-5, C18 is used for non-polar to moderately polar compounds in…

  • Discovery® RP-AmideC16 HPLC Column 5 µm particle size, L × I.D. 25 cm × 4.6 mm


    eCl@ss 32110501 Features and Benefits Excellent retention and resolution of polar compounds Unique selectivity compared to C18 Excellent peak shape and efficiency Less hydrophobic than C18 columns Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases Legal Information …

  • ZORBAX 300 Stablebond

    Agilent Technologies

    RR: Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm

  • Bakerbond® HPLC Columns

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    BAKERBOND phases are synthesized using tri-functional silane synthesis chemistry to provide increased resistance to hydrolysis, greater stability at pH extremes, and reduced silanol interactions for higher recoveries and less “tailing”. JT Baker HPLC columns are individually tested and…

  • Accucore C18 HPLC Columns, 2.6µm particle size

    Thermo Scientific

    Accucore C18 columns offer optimum retention for non-polar compounds and separation of a broad range of analytes. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Accucore columns provide fast, high-resolution separations – without the elevated backpressures required by sub-2µm particles. Fast…

  • ZORBAX Rapid Resolution 3.5 m StableBond Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    RR: Rapid Resolution 3.5 m

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