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  • Protector Acid Storage Cabinets and Shelf Kits

    Protector Acid Storage Cabinets support all Labconco benchtop fume hoods and safely store and vent acids and other corrosive liquids. Features: two rear vent connection cutouts for venting the cabinet into a fume hood; durable epoxy-coated steel construction; corrosion-resistant polyethylene-lined…
  • Glove Box Base Stands

    Adjustable Height Mobile Base Stands and Adjustable Height Stationary Base Stands have permanently-mounted black laminate work surfaces and epoxy-coated steel frames. These base stands are designed to support Protector Glove Boxes and Precise Glove Boxes and may also function as tables for general…
  • Solid Epoxy Work Surfaces

    Black chemical-resistant work surface Dished or flat Dished surfaces feature are contoured to fit the dimensions of the enclosure and to contain spills. They are compatible with Xpert Balance Systems & Filtered Balance Stations, Purifier Class I, HEPA Filtered & Filtered PCR…
  • Vent Kit For Acid Storage Cabinet

    Used for venting the Protector Acid Storage Cabinet through the SpillStopper Work Surface and into the fume hood. Includes one plastic vent tube assembly complete with 2" diameter threaded connection locknut, flexible tubing and vent extension

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