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  • Automatic Burette, Glass, Class A, Individually Certified

    United Scientific Supplies

    Self-zeroing burette is mounted on a glass bottle. Includes a PTFE needle valve stopcock, intermediate stopcock and rubber bellows. Class A, ASTM E-284, meets USP standards, individually serialized and certified. Includes Schellbach backing for easy reading of liquid levels. With amber graduations.…

  • Bel-Art Automatic Burets

    Bel-Art Products

    Automatic self-zeroing glass buret ensures non-contamination Easy-to-read blue graduations against a white background 10 mL buret readable to 0.05 mL; other burets readable to 0.1 mL Delivery end fitted into plastic push-button stopcock permitting drop-by-drop delivery Small screw clamp…

  • Automatic Self Zeroing Burettes

    Bel-Art Products

    Accurate and Economical Liquid Dispensing Avoid outside contamination with this highly accurate closed system. Borosilicate glass burettes have white 0.1ml graduations and are mounted to a high-density polyethylene screw cap Squeezing the flexible polyethylene bottle forces liquid…

  • KIMAX Serialized Class A Burets With PTFE Stopcock


    Marked with “A” to signify adherence to accuracy specifications in ASTM Standards E 287 Supplied with Certificate of Graduation Accuracy With Ps2 bore PTFE stopcock plug (8682B22) Designed from ASTM Specification 287, Class A; 10 mL size meets ASTM Standard D 664 Includes plastic…

  • KIMAX Class A Serialized and Certified Automatic Zero Burets with PTFE Stopcocks…


    KIMAX® precision bore automatic burets are used in applications requiring the highest degree of precision and accuracy for volumetric analysis. These are ideal for repeat titrations requiring traceable volumetric accuracy or when the titrant should not be handled. Packed complete with a…

  • Solarus Digital Burettes


    Integrated solar panels power electronic components and display Available in 20 mL or 50 mL styles Volume accuracy: ±0.2% Head rotates 360° Serial bi-directional RS-232 interface High-grade solar panels work even in limited lighting conditions. The handwheels…

  • Automatic Zero Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 3640 Safe and easy-to-use Includes reservoir bottle with screw cap, 0.9 meter of PVC tubing and dust cap Similar to 1985R15 series, but automatic zero type with low-density polyethylene squeeze bottle reservoir connected to side filling tube by PVC tubing.

  • Automatic Self Zeroing Titrating Burettes


    This self zeroing burette is a universal aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses and numerous other applications. Squeeze the bottle to fill above the 0 line; automatically self zeros. Prominent features include: measured to deliver; made of…

  • PYREX Brand Accu-Red Burets With Class A, Teflon Stopcock


    The capacity tolerance on these burets is established by ASTM E 287 and they are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E 542. Tips are carefully drawn from accurate bore tubing to ensure proper drainage rates. This buret has colored markings, fine, sharp lines and large easy-to-read numbers. The…

  • LaMotte Automatic Burets


    Automatic self-zeroing glass buret insures non-contamination Constructed of glass, 305 mm long With offset dispensing tip Graduated 0 to 10 mL in 0.1 mL increments Self-zeroing; overflow is returned to reservoir 2002A01 (LaMotte 0847) and A06 (LaMotte 0996) burets include 50 mL plastic…

  • KIMAX Class A Reservoir Automatic Zero Burets, Serialized


    Permanently marked with an individual serial number Supplied with a Certificate of Graduation Accuracy Buret is self-zeroing style Designed from ASTM E 287, Class A requirements Filling tube and overflow tube at the top of the buret accept 1/4” i.d. flexible tubing. Filling is through…

  • Automatic Zero Reservoir Burets

    Wilmad LabGlass

    For student use or industrial test methods requiring medium accuracy Graduated in 0.1 mL; central filling tube zeroes buret as excess titrant drains back into reservoir Self-standing, supported by filling tube which passes through rubber stopper of reservoir bottle Rubber bulb with finger-stop…

  • Buret 250 ml


    These 250mL PYREX® burets are suitable for use in school and institutional laboratories not requiring the accuracy of our Class A models. They are used when dispensing large volumes of liquids rapidly and accurately. Made from close tolerance, accurate bore tubing with uniform walls,…

  • KIMAX Class B Automatic Zero Burets With Reservoir


    Class B accuracy With filling tube and overflow tube Kimax®, with 3-way PTFE stopcock overflow cups and refill tube. Filling is through stopcock. Overflow tube at the top of the buret that accepts 1/4” i.d. flexible tubing. Buret is self-zeroing style. Stopcock for all sizes is…

  • Burettes, PTFE Stopcock

    United Scientific Supplies

    Burettes with straight bore teflon (PTFE) stopcocks are made from the highest quality, accurate bore tubing to provide a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and durability. Accuracy per Class "A", ASTM E-287. Meets USP Standards, Serialized and Certified, Blue Graduations.

  • Buret 50 ml Auto


    These 50mL PYREX® burets have an automatic zeroing device and dual Rotaflo® stopcocks for easy controlled filling. Greaseless Rotaflo® stopcocks allow smoother control and help eliminate titrating errors

  • Class B Accuracy Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Safer and more break-resistant than glass Clear plastic with black markings, individually calibrated Polymethylpentene stopcock and tip; stopcock plug Teflon ® , 2 mm bore Resistant to dilute acids and bases, except hydrofluoric acid and ammonium hydroxide; not for use with alcohol…

  • Buret Filler Kit

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For filling 25 or 50 mL glass or plastic burets Nalge 3645 Self-zeroing Kit includes a 1,000 mL LDPE squeeze-bottle; 1.2 meters of 1/8” bore clear PVC tubing; polypropylene fill-tube; polypropylene adapter plug which is reversible to fit either size buret; and two size 63…

  • Class A KIMAX Micro Burets With PTFE Stopcock


    Scale is durable white ceramic enamel Funnel top to accept No. 3 one-holed rubber stopper Class A accuracy Stopcock for both sizes is Standard Taper 2 1990K60 is graduated in 0.01 mL intervals. 1990K80 is graduated in 0.02 mL intervals.

  • PYREX® Economy Grade Burets


    With replaceable components Corning 2116 series Tooled tops Screw thread stopcock Reduce replacement costs with replaceable components. Tooled tops and bottoms. White enamel graduations. Ground glass tip. Plain top.

  • KIMAX Class A Micro Burets With Integral Reservoir


    Durable white ceramic enameled scale Side filling tube has separate Teflon stopcock to control liquid; tube is 5/16 inch o.d. Calibrated to the accuracy requirements found in ASTM specification E 694 Kimax precision bore buret has a side filling tube with a separate stopcock to control liquid…

  • Buret 10 ml


    These 10mL Class A PYREX® microburets are designed for precise analytical methods in microchemistry. Precision bore tubing throughout the body assures accuracy between any two points. Funnel top facilitates addition of reagents by pouring, or by suction from below through a rubber-stoppered…

  • KIMAX Schellbach Burets With 3-Way Stopcock And Automatic Zero


    Inlet tube bent straight back Graduation interval 0.1 mL Overflow cup with drain tube Scale is durable black ceramic enamel PTFE stopcock plug with 2 mm bore, inlet tubing for refilling. Auto zero reservoir top.

  • Digital Bottletop Burets


    Eliminates errors of reading the meniscus and volume graduations of conventional hanging glass burets Priming valve eliminates waste No exposed glassware to break Angled digital display Titrant delivery is controlled by turning wheels on buret. The amount dispensed is instantly displayed…

  • Micrometer Burets


    Combines high precision with low cost 0.5% accuracy; vernier type micrometer Liquid comes in contact with only glass and Teflon ® Viton O-ring gives a vacuum-tight seal All other plastic parts of polypropylene; instrument may be autoclaved Fills and delivers liquid with micrometer control …

  • PYREX Class A Burets


    Serialized Colored scale Teflon® stopcock plug The capacity tolerance on Class A PYREX burets is established by ASTM E-287 and is calibrated in accordance with ASTM E-542 and D-511. Each buret is individually serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Identification and Capacity, traceable…

  • Burette

    United Scientific Supplies

    Burettes with straight bore teflon (PTFE) stopcocks are made from the highest quality, accurate bore tubing to provide a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and durability. All graduations are in resilient white enamel. Accuracy per Class "B".

  • 25mL Automatic Glass Buret


    Glass reservoir and buret with PTFE stopcock create an easy-to-use workstation for standard solutions. Subdivisions of 1.0 mL and 0.1 mL.

  • Model 5160 Cathetometer Complete


    Focus range 30 cm to infinity Magnification range varies from 20X @ 30 cm to 8X @ infinity Field of view in 13 mm in dia. @ 30 cm and 118 mm in dia. @ 200 cm Eberbach Cathetometers are used for the easy and accurate measurement of vertical and horizontal distances or displacements,…

  • Graduated Burets, Acrylic


    These break resistant transparent acrylic burettes are screen printed in black to Class B accuracy. They are suitable for use in education, research or industrial laboratories, especially where breakages often occur. This series is unaffected by most dilute aqueous solutions (except ammonia and HF)…

  • KIMAX Cma Type No. 1 Buret


    With funnel top and PTFE stopcock plug with 2 mm diagonal bore Capacity 50 mL in 1/10 mL divisions; limit of error 0.05 mL Each buret is serial numbered and supplied with a certificate of graduation accuracy.

  • KIMAX Straight-Bore Class B Burets


    With PTFE stopcock Includes plastic KIM-KAP® dust cap Scale is durable black ceramic enamel. Plain top. ASTM E287, Class B.

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