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  • Screw-Top Sterile Coliform Water Sample Bottles

    EP Scientific Products

    Designed for use with EPA compliant total coliform and fecal coliform water analysis using the Colilert analysis method or equivalent. Screw-Top Sterile Coliform Water Sample Bottles are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with or without sodium thiosulfate for sample…

  • Septum Sample Bottles


    Supplied with open top polypropylene caps and Teflon®/FDA grade silicone septa Include a polypropylene cap and Teflon/silicone/polypropylene liner to ensure easier sampling and extraction 1755C01 through C12 are clear, 1755C18 through C44 are amber

  • Amber Serum Bottles


    Autoclavable Chemical resistant; gas impermeable Light resistant Acceptable sterilization methods: autoclave, dry heat, chemical.

  • Readycult Sample Bottles


    Rapid E.coli coliform test Allows use of indole test Gamma Irradiated Shrink-Banded Does contain sodium thiosulfate The EPA-approved Readycult method allows the use of the indole test for immediate E.coli confirmation saving days of lab time. Readycult Snap packs…

  • Serum Bottle Stoppers


    Available in Natural red rubber, gray butyl and Teflon® coated butyl 7, 13 and 20 mm sizes Stoppers come in a variety of elastomer formulations. Natural rubber is a general-purpose elastomer used primarily for aqueous liquid fill products in the 4.0-7.5 pH range. Its resealability is…

  • Clear Serum Bottles


    Autoclavable Chemical resistant Gas impermeable Acceptable sterilization methods: autoclave, dry heat, chemical.

  • Neutraglas Serum Bottles


    Highly resistant to chemicals, thermal and mechanical shock KG-35 borosilicate glass Meets or exceeds USP specifications for type 1 glass containers KG-35 borosilicate glass has the highest resistance to chemical attack of any commercially available glass. Bottles are ideal for…

  • Aluminum Seals


    Tear-Off, Tear-Out, or Flip Cap

  • Amber Serum Tubing Vials


    Three capacities Borosilicate glass Crimp top Vials have a blowback feature in the neck and a specially designed bottom radius for added strength — important features for lyophilization applications. Serum tubing vials are available in 2, 5 and 10 mL capacities. Vials are provided in…

  • PYREX Glass Serum Bottles


    Designed specially for handling and storing sterile culture media and sera where stability of the glass is of prime importance. Serum bottles are also suitable for storing distilled water and standard solutions. PYREX bottles have the strength to withstand hot air (dry) or steam (wet)…

  • Teflon-Faced Silicone Septa


    For use with unlined aluminum seals

  • Wide Mouth Septum Sample Bottles


    Supplied with open top polypropylene caps and Teflon®/FDA grade silicone septa Include a polyproylene cap and Teflon/Silicone/polypropylene liner to ensure easier sampling and extraction 1755C64 through 1755C80 are clear; 1755D18 through 1755D28 are amber.

  • Clear Serum Tubing Vials


    Of Wheaton 400 borosilicate glass, which meets USP Type 1 standards Acceptable sterilization methods: autoclave, dry heat, chemical

  • Lypholization-Slotted Rubber Stopper


    Plug diameter 7 mm i.d., 13 mm o.d. Of gray butyl rubber, slotted with flanged top; partial insertion leaves bottle contents vented for freeze drying; insertion to flange seals bottle Readily punctured with syringe needle For use with Thomas series 8269A Aluminum Seals.

  • Neutraglas Serum Bottle Seals


    Fit 20 mm diameter neck size (20 or 20A aluminum seal finish) Tear-Out style aluminum seals have a removable insert allowing insertion of a syringe needle through the septa Tear-Off style aluminum seals allow removal of the seal by pulling a perforated guide Open-Top aluminum seals…

  • PETG Diagnostic Bottles


    TriForest polythylene terephthalate copolyester (PETG) sterile serum vials are ideal for diagnostic specimen, safe storage, transfer and transport of antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, enzyme and substrates. All TriForest PETG vials meet with current biological and pharmaceutical regulatory…

  • Environmental Sample Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Economical, single-use, break-resistant bottles Leakproof for safe sampling, shipping and storage High-density polyethylene with polypropylene screw caps These economical, single-use, break-resistant bottles come in narrow- and wide-mouth configurations and sizes from 30 to 1000 mL.…

  • Autofil™ PETG Storage Bottles

    Foxx Life Sciences

    Foxx Life Sciences’ Autofil™ disposable laboratory storage bottles have been designed for Life Science researchers to store common solutions such as tissue culture media, serum and buffers. PETG bottles are optically clear and offer better impact resistance than polystyrene storage…

  • PET Diagnostic Bottles


    Ideal for reagents and buffer solutions Clear and amber PET available PP Caps lined with F217 foamed LDPE

  • Polycarbonate Serum Vials


    TriForest Polycarbonate Serum Vials are ideal for sampling, storage, production and packaging of steam sterilized biologicals. They are ideal for leak-proof shipment of reagents and buffer solutions. All vials and caps have lot number traceability. These shatterproof, resistant containers are…

  • 250 ml Bottle Serum, Glass Clear, Grads


    Raised graduations indicate approximate capacities in milliliters Accepts standard stoppers and seals Manufactured from WHEATON 400 borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I requirements

  • Narrow-Mouth Septa Bottles


    Narrow mouth Narrow-mouth septa bottles are available in clear or amber Type III glass equipped with a 0.045 in. thick blue PTFE/silicone septa in an open-top 24-414 polypropylene cap. The I-CHEM molded-in septa retainer ring holds the septa securely in place without bonding to the cap, so…

  • 33 Expansion Borosilicate Glass Serum Vials without Closures


    Autoclavable Kimble serum vials are ideally suited for the handling, containment, and storage of a variety of liquids, including reagents, vaccines, blood plasma, culture media, chromatography samples, and more. Special design provides extra strength for freeze-drying applications Serum…

  • Safety Coated Hybridization Bottles


    Use Wheaton Hybridization Bottles in nucleic acid and protein blotting procedures that require a minimum of probe solution. Wheaton hybridization bottles eliminate the need for messy bags and allow hybridization and wash solutions to be quickly poured in and out. They fit many hybridization ovens…

  • Neutraglas Serum Bottle Butyl Rubber Stoppers


    Gray butyl rubber formulation passes U.S. pharmacopeia testing for globally-marketed pharmaceutical products. Stoppers contain no plasticizers, 2-mercaptobenzothaizole, nitrosamine precursors or natural rubber latex. Applicable to aqueous solutions with a pH range of 2-10, stoppers are available…

  • Flange Style Rubber Stopper

    Plug diameter 13 mm Red rubber with flange top Readily punctured with syringe needle For use with Thomas series 1780M Aluminum Seals.

  • Teflon-Faced Gray Butyl Septa


    Molded seal with Teflon insert Sealing surfaces of butyl and Teflon produce more positive seal than plain Teflon-faced septa For use with aluminum seals. Mouth o.d. indicated in listings.

  • Flange Style Rubber Stopper


    Cleanest, most precise pharmaceutical grade rubber stoppers for research and parenteral drug applications Readily punctured with syringe needle 1229H84-K77, 1223Z64-65, 1780K28-31: straight plug style 1229K78, 1780K33-35: 2 leg lypohilization style 1780J10-J14: sleeve style

  • Flex-Collect™ Bottle, 2000mL

    ES Robbins

    Features: Made in the USA with "Proprietary One-of-a-Kind Molding technology" Excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases and alcohols Easy-to-Fill large opening Accurate and easy to read graduations. (Larger sizes, smaller size graduations coming) Integrated handle…

  • Scoop, Economy Round


    Designed for heavy industrial and laboratory applications, the round shape design facilitates complete transfer of the sampling material. Suitable for food grade products.

  • Polypropylene Serum Bottle


    Used extensively for diluent solutions Accepts rubber stoppers and aluminum seals Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes

  • Serum Bottles - Heavy-Duty Bottles, Plastic Safety Coated


    KimCote® plastic-coated bottle with rounded shoulders. Neck is tooled for a uniform fit with a #8 rubber stopper.

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