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Boiling Stones

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  • Boiling Stones


    Inert, irregularly shaped granules of various refractory materials used to promote smooth boiling and retard bumping by providing numerous points for formation of small vapor bubbles 1590D33 stones are silicon carbide; random size pieces up to 2 mm long. Black color prevents confusion with other…

  • Microporous Carbon Boiling Chips Series 500

    Walter Stern

    Fractional distillations Evaporations Extractions Refluxings Condensations Other boiling operations

  • Saint-Gobain Chemware® PTFE Boiling Stones

    Saint Gobain

    Chemical resistant Ideal for boiling organic liquids Minimizes superheating Ultra-pure, virgin Saint-Gobain Chemware ® PTFE boiling stones promote gentle, efficient boiling and help prevent overheating, even of highly volatile liquids. Ideal for continuous extraction methods.…

  • Granules, Hengar


  • Carborundum Boiling Chips, 14 Mesh

    GFS Chemicals

    Mesh size: 14 mesh

  • Carborundum Boiling Chips, 8 Mesh

    GFS Chemicals

    Mesh size: 8 mesh

  • Carborundum Boiling Chips, 20 Mesh

    GFS Chemicals

    Mesh size: 20 mesh

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