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  • DrägerTubes®

    DrägerTubes® are glass vials filled with a chemical reagent that reacts to a specific chemical or family of chemicals. A calibrated 100mL sample of air is drawn through the tube with the Dräger accuro® bellows pump. If the targeted chemical(s) is present the reagent in the…

  • SAS Super 100 & 180 Microbial Air Samplers

    Bioscience International

    The SAS Super 100 & 180 microbial air samplers are the top choices of the world's leading pharmaceutical and food companies, as well as numerous governments around the world for detection of microbial contamination and air quality testing. Featuring a powerful, high volume air flow of…

  • Tedlar Air Sampling Bags


    Impermeable to gases; low sample loss in storage Low memory of previous sample; can be reused Tough, flexible, fatigue-resistant Large sample port for flushing; three convenient eyelets These bags are fabricated from 2 mil thick PVF (Tedlar) film, a material that is inert…

  • Portable Air Quality Monitor Comfort Chek™ 500


    Light weight, handheld monitor Simultaneously measures and displays CO2, temperature and RH User selection for display of air, wet bulb or dew point temperature Audible alarm forCO2 readings Large, high resolution LCD display with bright backlight Automatically calculates…

  • Ammonia Test Paper

    Micro Essential

    Hydrion Ammonia Meter Test Paper is designed and calibrated to measure the amount of ammonia in air in parts per million wherever there may be actual or potential ammonia pollution. The color chart has matches at 0-5-10-20-50-100ppm. The Hydrion Ammonia Test Kit is especially useful where…

  • MD8 Air Samplers


    The MD8 series of air samplers are monitoring devices combined with novel filtration systems for the exceptional recovery of airborne microorganisms. MD8 AirScan: (Integrated) Quantitative detection in sterile areas such as clean rooms/RABS, isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines. …

  • Chemware® PVDF Bags with On/Off Valve

    Saint Gobain

    Flexible Non contaminating On/off valve closure Use for gas or liquid sample containment Heat-sealed seams for leak-proof operation Reusable bags made of 2 mil PVDF fluoropolymer film, Chemware® Gas Bags offer an economical alternative for analysis of non-corrosive gases.…

  • Tedlar® T.O. Plus Air/Gas Sampling Bags

    Environmental Sampling Supply

    The ESS Air Sampling Bag incorporates a two opening system for sampling and extraction. The side port/stem (3/16" OD) allows filling with a pneumatic pump and tubing, and for rapid emptying of the bag. The top of the valve is

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Monitor IEQ Chek™


    Versatile handheld instrument with flexible 7-sensor capacity Ideal for indoor environmental quality measurements On-board sensors for temperature and relative humidity; add up to 5 additional plug-and-play 'smart' sensors Large multi-line LCD graphic display Stores over one million data points…

  • Air Sampling Accessories


    Accessories for MD8 air sampling devices

  • BTIS: Filters Change Indicators Stickers


    Filters Change Indicators Stickers for Acids, Aromatic diisocyanates, Basic Vapors, Halogens, Hydrazine, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercury and Methyl Ketones. The Breakthrough (Saturation) indicators Stickers (BTIS) for ductless hood filters are colorimetric indicators that indicate the…

  • FLASK Reaction/Storage NO-AIR

    Ace Glass

    Schlenk style flask for vacuum, NO-AIR or gas applications. Can be used for storage or reactions. Top is either a no.15 o-ring or outer standard taper joints. Side arm has either a 0-3 inlet valve or a 2mm or a 4mm glass stopcock.

  • BTIS LFF: Filter Breakthrough Indicator Stickers


    Real-time filter breakthrough indicators. You don't have to change your filter in 3 months, 6 months or 9 months, change your filter only when exhausted and saturated using real-time breakthrough indicators. Get the most use of your filters and protect yourself from exposure to toxic chemicals.…

  • Vacuum Sampling Pumps Model 1060 Bag Sampler (Single 1-2 Liter Bags)


    Synonym: Air Sampling Pumps Feature: UL listed: No (Not EX rated) Compatibility: for use with Single 1-2 Liter Bags

  • BTI Inline: Filters Breakthrough Indicators Inline


    Filters Breakthrough Indicators Inline for Acids, Ammonia, Ammonia & Hydrogen Sulfide, Basic Vapors, Formaldehyde, Humidity, Hydrazine, Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercury. The BTI Inline is colorimetric indicator that indicate the saturation and exhaustion of carbon adsorbers and filters.The BTI…

  • Manifold, O-Ring Joint Ends

    Ace Glass

    Single tube vacuum manifold with #15 o-ring connections on ends. Available in either 3 or 4 port configuration with 0-10 Easy Action stopcocks. Order with either 14/20, 24/40 inner joints or #15 o-ring joints on ports. Distance between ports is 95mm which allows for use of flasks up to 3 Liters.…

  • Area Monitors and Leak Detectors


    Aromatic Diisocyanates, TDI & MDI (Polyurethane Chemicals), Hydrazine (MIL-P-87930, H-70), Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercury. Chemteq Area Monitors are direct-read colorimetric indicators that indicate the presence of trace toxic chemicals in air. They are reliable and cost effect means for…

  • Air Sampling Cane, with Funnel

    Ace Glass

    Air sampling cane with funnel at one end to avoid water droplets from collecting at edge and being sucked into manifold train. Bulge above the funnel is for glass wool or similar material to allow for filtering of particulates. Codes -22 & -26 feature a #7 Ace-Thred port for introducing calibration…

  • Chemware® PVDF Bags with Septum Closure

    Saint Gobain

    Flexible Non contaminating Septum closure Use for gas or liquid sample containment Heat-sealed seams for leak-proof operation Reusable bags made of 2 mil PVDF fluoropolymer film, Chemware® Gas Bags offer an economical alternative for analysis of non-corrosive gases. Durable, heat-sealed seams…

  • Storage Tube, Schlenk

    Ace Glass

    Graduated Schlenk storage tube with 14/20 or 24/25 outer top joints, 14/35 or 24/40 inner joint side arms, stopcock inlet or hose barbed inlet valve. Reaction accessories include 7759 series filter tubes, 7807 series finger condenser, 9543 series stoppers and 13657-33 stirring magnet..

  • Adapter, Lubricant Trap, High Vacuum, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    Primarily designed for use with ACE 8051 bearings. The inner tube through which the stirring shaft passes, plus the PTFE O-Ring supplied with each unit, prevents the lubricant or foreign particles from contaminating the flask contents. For replacement PTFE ring, order 8113-89.

  • Air Sampling Cane, Straight

    Ace Glass

    Straight tube type air sampling cane with polyethylene hood and stainless steel brackets. Codes -35 & -37 feature a #7 Ace-Thred port for introducing calibration gases.

  • Bubbler, Mineral Oil, Adjustable

    Ace Glass

    With completely adjustable 7mm inner tube. Tube has a pulled tip and is secured by a #7 Ace- Thred. Volume approximately 40mL. Tapered bottom of vessel allows for use with small volumes. Nylon bushing supplied with FETFE O-Ring. Available modified with #7 Ace-Threds on inlet/outlet for use with…

  • Midget Impinger

    Ace Glass

    Impingers used for sampling small air volumes at low velocities. Bottle with 24/40 stopper joint is available in 25 or 30ml sizes. The stopper is available with an open nozzle or one calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12in) vacuum. The stopper inlet is available as an open tube end,…

  • Adapter, Manifold, O-Ring to Ace-thred with Valve

    Ace Glass

    Vacuum, NO-AIR adapter for vacuum cart, vacuum manifolds and Schlenk lines. Has No. 15 O-Ring joint side port with a Hi-Vac valve for precise flow control and an ACE-THRED bottom outlet.

  • Midget Bubbler

    Ace Glass

    Identical to 7531-10 with the exception that the nozzle is replaced by a sintered glass filter, porosity A (145-175 microns). Used in determination of Acrolein: 4-Hexylresorcinol Method #1. Bottle has encircling graduations from 0 to 25mL or 0 to 30mL in 5mL divisions. Inlet/ outlet are 7mm O.D.…

  • Impinger, Sherer

    Ace Glass

    Consists of bottle with hex base and 45/50 joint, SO2 bubbler stopper with 25 mm diameter Por. C (25-50m) fritted disc, and impinger stopper. Capacity, 275mL. Inlet/outlet are 8mm.

  • Midget Impinger, Bubbler with Ace-Threds on Inlet/Outlet

    Ace Glass

    Used for sampling air volumes at low jet velocity. Bottle joint is 24/40. Stopper uses #7 Ace-Safe removable hose connections for easy connect/disconnect. Impinger nozzle calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12") H2O vacuum. Bubbler nozzle has sintered glass filter, porosity A…

  • Bubbler, Smog

    Ace Glass

    Bubbler with either fritted tip or plain orifice stopper. Bottle has 24/40 joint and 10 cm tube below bulge. Stopper has 12/5 outer joint on inlet arm and 12/5 inner on outlet arm. Fritted tip is porosity C (25-50m). Orifice tip is 1.5mm capillary with end tapered. Approximate capacity, with…

  • Valve, Rapid Purge, Firestone

    Ace Glass

    A rapid, efficient and foolproof Purge Valve for 100% replacement of air in reaction vessels with any desired gas (N2, H2, Ar, Cl2, etc.). No mercury used, no reducing valve needed on gas source, no high vacuum source necessary. No need to watch manometers, hand control gas flow, or install warning…

  • Manifold, Double Tube, O-Ring Joint Ends

    Ace Glass

    Double tube vacuum manifold with #15 o-ring joints at both ends. Available in either a 3 or 4 port configuration with 4mm bore glass double oblique stopcocks. The ports can be ordered in 14/20, 24/40 standard taper or #15 o-ring joints. The distance between ports is 210MM which allows for use of…

  • Impinger, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    A high velocity impinger (Ref. AGI-30) which passes 12.0 to 13.0L/min. (corrected to engineering standard gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg or greater. Stopper fits 24/25 125ml bottle and features a 11mm OD center tube, 8mm OD side arm with bulge, 0.05in capillary…

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