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Biophotometer Plus & Hellma® TrayCell

With the BioPhotometer plus, Eppendorf offers a compact UV/Vis photometer for use in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

The photometer provides instant, out-of-the-box access to 32 routine methods, of which 9 methods are freely programmable, e. g.:

  • Measurement of DNA, RNA and protein concentration (UV and colorimetric)
  • Incorporation rate of fluorescent molecules (550 nm/650 nm), e. g., for microarray experiments
  • Enzymatic assays (e.g., peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, B-galactosidase)
  • Optical density of cells (OD 600)

Both measurement and calculation of results are performed at the press of a button, and the results of the analysis, as well as all accompanying data, are available at a glance. This guarantees safe, error-free operation and reliable results.

In addition to its low weight, the photometer is small, yet extremely sturdy due to a robust metal housing, which allows for easy transport and cleaning.

The BioPhotometer plus is designed for use with cuvettes such as the Eppendorf UVette®, but is also optimized for measurement of small volumes through the use of microliter cells such as Hellma® TrayCell.

The BioPhotometer data transfer software can now be used to transfer all measurement and calibration data to a PC. Besides enabling the printing of results it also allows results to be exported to data processing software for further evaluation. The program also offers the option of data archiving, which can be clearly configured with an optional user administration.

Hellma® TrayCell - Small Volume, Great Results

Hellma is a leading manufacturer of high precision optical products. The Hellma TrayCell, along with our BioPhotometer, allows a highly reproducible photometric analysis in the microliter scale. Filling, measurement and cleaning is done in just a few seconds. If required, samples can even be completely recovered for further usage.


  • No cross-contamination due to easy cleaning
  • No errorprone dilutions needed
  • Wide dynamic range


  • Suitable for all routine applications
  • Works with 0.7 µl to 5 µl sample volume
  • Suitable for a wavelength range from 190 nm to 1,100 nm


  • Fiber optic microliter cell
  • Equivalent size to standard cuvette
  • Optimized for use in Eppendorf BioPhotometer


  • Nucleic acid analysis, protein quantification and other applications with small sample volumes
  • Quantification of high concentrated samples
Optical system:Absorption singlebeam photometer with reference beam
Light source:Xenon flash lamp
Light beam height:8.5 mm
Measuring wavelengths:230, 260, 280, 340, 405, 490, 550, 595, 650 nm
Spectral bandwidth:5 nm at 230–340 nm, 7 nm at 405–650 nm
Wavelength systematic error:±1 nm at 230–280 nm, ±2 nm at 340–650 nm
Photometric measuring range:0 to 3 A (2 A at 340 nm); Dye Methods: 2 A at 550 nm/650 nm
Photometric random error:±0.002 A at 0 A; ±0.005 A at 1 A
Photometric systematic error:±1 % at 1 A
Method dependent calculation:Absorbance
Concentration via factor
Concentration via calibration with 1 to 10 standards
One point calibration (1 standard)
Linear regression (2 to 10 standards)
Nonlinear regression (3rd degree polynom; 4 or 5 to 10 standards), 1 x, 2 x or 3 x determination
Ratio 260/280, ratio 260/230, molar concentration, total yield
For dye methods: FOI (frequency of incorporation)
Calibration memory:For all calibration procedures
Results memory:For 100 results with absorbance and ratio values, sample number, sample dilution, date and time
Interface:RS232C, serial, PC connection optional
Power requirement:Approx. 20 W in operation, approx. 10 W in Standby mode
Power supply:100–240 V, ±10 %; 50–60 Hz, ±5 %
Dimensions (W x D x H):20 x 32 x 10 cm
Weight:3 kg
Accessories:Thermal printer DPU 414, 40 characters/line; Secondary UVVIS filter set for verifying photometric and wavelength accuracy (NIST traceable)
Cuvettes:UVette, Hellma TrayCell*, and common rectangular cuvettes of suitable glass or plastic materials

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