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Wrist-Action Shakers


  • Rugged construction, with timer, rated for continuous use
  • Shaking speed action is variable, simulating a snap-wrist motion for a swirling effect, but the oscillations are constant at 380 to 390 per minute
  • Degree of agitation, gentle to violent, is controlled by an adjustable lever with dial graduated from 1 to 10
  • Power unit has constant-speed motor and built-in timer, range to 60 minutes in 1-minute intervals
  • All are CSA approved

Side sleeves have interchangeable side arm shafts 19 mm diameter and clamps. Erlenmeyer flasks from 125 to 1,000 mL capacity can be shaken at one time without need for balancing. Full torque of the 1/8 HP (93 W) motor is always applied to the oscillating mechanism regardless of speed setting. Side arm shafts take 2-place clamps with slip-on fittings which provide capacity of 4 to 16 flasks, suitable bottles, test tubes, etc., with minimum diameter of 10 mm. Platform for attachment to top takes 6 to 10 Erlenmeyer flasks up to 5,000 mL , also sputum bottles, etc. Platform clamps of rubber slide in parallel grooves. Power unit is enclosed in enameled sheet metal housing on rubber feet; overall dimensions, 343 x 389 x 298 mm high.

8 Flask Shaker (8286A10) has two side arm shafts 203 mm long, each fitted with two paired clamps, to take up to 8 flasks total. Overall width, 838 mm. Platform is not supplied.

12 Flask Shaker (8286A20) has shafts 321 mm long, each fitted with 3 paired clamps, to take up to 12 flasks total. Overall width: 1092 mm. Platform is not supplied.

14-16 Flask Shaker, Large (8286A25) is same as 8286A10, but includes platform for 6 to 8 Erlenmeyer flasks, 200 to 500 mL . Overall height, including platform, 311 mm. Fitted with 3-wire cord and plug for 120 volts, 60 Hz.

8286A80 Power Unit is supplied with shakers; does not include side arms, clamps or platform. 8286B50 Shafts are 445 mm long. Each takes 8 paired clamps to increase shaker capacity to 16 flasks.

8286B60 Clamp has paired grip to take vessels with necks 10 to 50 mm diameter.

8286B70 Platform takes eight 200, 250 or 300 mL Erlenmeyer flasks or six 500 mL , with ten rubber clamps provided. Requires two additional clamps to take ten 125 mL flasks.

8286B75 Platform clamps are soft rubber, with hardware for attaching to shaker platform.

8286B85 Separatory Funnel Support takes Squibb-type separatory funnel, size 500 through 2,000 mL , in horizontal position. Includes spring-type extension clamp to grip funnel neck, rubber restraining strap for stopper and two sizes of cushioned, split-type support rings to support funnel body.

Wrist Action® Shakers Model 75
Thomas No. Model Voltage Cycle # of Clamps
8286A10 BB 115V 60CYC 4
8286A20 CC 115V 60CYC 6
  Vessels Held1 Osc/Min2 Max Tested Load3
8286A10 8 385 10LBS
8286A20 12 385 10LBS


Wrist Action® Shakers Model 75 w/Top Platform
Thomas No. Model Voltage Cycle # of Clamps
8286A25 BT 115V 60CYC 4
  Vessels Held1 Osc/Min2 Max Tested Load3
8286A25 16 385 10LBS

1. "Vessels Held" number based on the use of a 250ml flask.
2. OSC/Min may vary by ± 10%.
3. Max Tested Load based on shaker being operated at 385 Osc/Min.


Shaker Accessories

Thomas No. Description
8286B60 Finger SUREGRIP™ Clamp
8286B70 Top Platform
8286B85 Sep. Funel Clamp/Shaker over 250ml
8286B75 Top Platform Clamps (Set of 2)
8286B50 Side Arm Shaft w/o Clamp DD (PAIR)

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Thomas No.Mfr. No.DescriptionList PriceExt. Price
8286A10 075-775-08-19Shaker Model BB 115V 60CYC
8286A20 075-775-12-19Shaker Model CC 115V 60CYC
8286A25 075-765-16-19Shaker Model BT 115V 60CYC
8286B50 075-778-08-00Side Arm Shaft w/o Clamp DD (PAIR)
8286B60 075-777-00-00Finger SUREGRIP™ Clamp
8286B70 075-765-31-00Top Platform
8286B75 075-765-32-00Top Platform Clamps (Set of 2)
8286B85 075-777-12-00Sep. Funel Clamp/Shaker over 250ml
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