Extraordinary Values! Globe Scientific Diamond High-Performance Pipettor Starter Packs

Over 45% OFF list price of items if purchased separately! Every starter pack contains: 4 adjustable volume pipettors; 4 full boxes of racked, sterile, certified pipette tips (that’s 3,456 tips!); pipettor stand.

Diamond High-Performance Pipettor Starter Packs

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Biotix xTIP® Pipette Tips - Compatible with Rainin LTS Style Pipettes

No worrying, no guesswork. Just the best tip on the market.

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New Diamond Max™ High Speed Centrifuge Tubes offer spin rates up to 20,000 x g!

Engineered for high speed centrifugation and meet the demands of the most critical scientific work.

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How the LH Technologies Sapphire dual-inlet dispenser will make your job easier and safer

All our dispensers are designed with chemical resistant PTFE, PFA and borosilicate glass components.

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